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A Comparison Guide: Bespoke Vs. Ready-Made Engagement Rings

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New beginnings are always sweeter with the perfect engagement ring.

Rich in both sentimental and emotional value, there is no better feeling than choosing the right engagement ring to lead off into a blissful marriage.

Your wedding jewellery is a lifetime investment – both bespoke and ready-made engagement rings come with their own set of charming qualities that make them suitable for different couples – but to really make the best decision, here’s a comparison guide to get you started!


A bespoke engagement ring is designed from scratch and built precisely around your specifications. It is made exclusively to fit you to a tee – meaning to say that couples who don’t want to compromise on personal style will find the bespoke ring perfect for them.

In fact, if you can dream it, you can create it here at Love & Co. Our bespoke engagement rings are immaculately crafted to flawless perfection – working with our jewellery consultants, you will be guided through a purposeful, 8-step process to craft your very own exclusive proposal rings.



On the other hand, ready-made engagement rings already have all the details figured out, and are ready to be bought off-the-shelf. They are less personal and flexible than bespoke engagement rings, and more often than not, the only changes you can make is the ring size.



Bespoke engagement rings definitely require much more time and thought – and if something regular just doesn’t suit your fancy, going the extra mile for your lover is the way to go.

Creating a bespoke engagement ring is as simple as matching the ring with your partner’s unique personality and style.

Sometimes, couples might like the band from a particular ring, and prefer a setting that is seen on another – with bespoke engagement rings, you get full control of how you want the final look to be, down to the tiniest details.

Alternatively, if you are short of time or pretty much set on settling for classic, solitaire diamond engagement rings – picking out a ready-made engagement ring doesn’t mean forgoing on either quality or value.

In fact, Love & Co. has plenty of ready-made designs that follow the same meticulous craftsmanship that is used in our bespoke engagement rings. With mesmerizing collections boasting the finest diamonds and designs with an extensive range of wedding bands and diamond solitaires to choose from – our jewellery is far from just your average off-the-shelf creations.


A diamond is forever – whichever display of affection you choose, it’s hard to deny that bespoke engagement rings express a priceless level of thoughtfulness, sincerity and compassion for your significant other.

Embark on Love & Co.’s bespoke engagement ring services – in just 8 simple steps, you will get to craft a ring that is truly yours. Spark joy and surprise your partner with an experience that is just as unique as the rings themselves.

Start off by picking out your diamond – followed by selecting a ring head, band, metal type and bezel, down to various personalization options to bring your whimsical, dream engagement to life!

The perfect declaration of love, a bespoke engagement ring is your ring, your story.

Now that you have your engagement ring all settled – it’s time to embark on the next chapter of your life falling wildly in love with your partner, and gorgeous ring!

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