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Bask In The Warm Rays Of Love With Love & Co.’s LVC Soleil

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The moment you walk down the aisle and say ‘I do’, you’re heralding a new chapter of your life. Spending each day with your better half, moving away from your parents, starting your own cosy family – marriage is truly a milestone and a new beginning.

And that’s exactly what Love & Co.’s collection LVC Soleil is all about. While it may not have that traditional glamour associated with shiny diamonds and polished gold, it’s allure lies in its warm glow of colours and off-beat stylistics that seeks to celebrate a new chapter of life.


As ‘soleil’ means ‘sun’ in French, the LVC Soleil collection seeks to encapsulate the golden rays of the sun using the warm hues of gold. Think of condensing the beautiful vermillion and peach tones of that beautiful morning sunrise into your wedding ring – that’s LVC Soleil! This collection features a mix of golds that blend together seamlessly, resembling rays of sunlight. Every pair signifies a new beginning, the start of a bright and promising future.

With the LVC Soleil, you can wear the sunrise on your finger as you celebrate your new dawn as a couple. May you hold on to that same excitement and passion as you experience many more ‘firsts’ together in your marriage life.



Yellow gold, rose gold, and white gold come together in a perfect alluring blend of hues, just as the sunrise presents a seamless canvas of colours. If you’re the kind who can never decide on just one colour, here’s your chance to choose a unique colour combination for your wedding band or engagement ring!

Rose with yellow gold brings out a cosy glow, while white with rose gold present a more striking contrast. Planning to get this as a proposal ring? The LVC Soleil also comes in versions adorned with sparkly diamonds to up the bling factor!



If a cookie-cutter ring is not what you’re after, LVC Soleil presents you with distinct and exquisite finishes to make your rings stand out! We know that the ‘shiny is best’ mentality isn’t always for everyone, so this collection lets you embrace a bit of ruggedness with swirl and stone finishes.

Ideal for those going for a touch of vintage or experimental, the textural interest draws you in, and is almost reminiscent of the sun’s radial rays. Some of the ring designs also mix and match finishes on different metals, offering a unique contrast like no other.


Some rings are built to steal the limelight at special events, while some are meant to be subtle enough to accompany you everywhere. LVC Soleil belongs to the latter category, with distinct yet understated style.

Take your wedding ring everywhere with you, be it to the office or on your daily errands. With the low profile of the diamonds, you also won’t have to worry about your ring snagging or your diamonds chipping. And that’s what we all need, don’t we? One less thing to worry about in life!

Fuss-free, low-key, yet unique and meaningful – these are the qualities that best sum up the LVC Soleil collection! If this resonates with you, you can take a closer look at the collection at our jewellery shops. Simply book your appointment with one of our jewellers and we’ll be happy to assist you!

LVC Soleil

Translating to ‘sun’ in French, the LVC Soleil collection features a mix of golds that blend together seamlessly,

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