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Celebrate The Season Of Love With A Bespoke Ring For Her

The thought behind the perfect engagement ring can speak volumes of your love, especially when paired with the proposal of a lifetime done on the special day that celebrates love, for all. It is understandably reasonable to dream of popping the big question on Valentine’s Day – after all, love is more than just a four-letter word. It can be challenging to put into words, but easier to show through meaningful actions.

Say you have mulled over the various reasons you should craft her a bespoke ring and have decided it is what you will gift her this Valentine’s Day, but what now? If you are feeling lost at the beginning of your personalisation journey, fret not! Here at Love & Co., we want to craft a proposal ring that speaks of your story as you celebrate the most significant milestone with the customised ring of your dreams.

A personalised experience like no other

At Love & Co.’s bespoke ring service, you can immerse yourself in an intimate consultation experience with our experts as we guide you through the step-by-step process for the diamond ring your significant other will fall in love with over and over again! Before the customisation process begins, our team will reach out with a personalised consultation tailored to helping you select the ring exceptionally suited for your beloved – including a short run-through of our diamond education session. The best part? All of Love & Co.’s engagement rings enjoy lifetime complimentary cleaning and services – one less thing to worry about when it comes to having your ring professionally cleaned.

A unique visual and hands-on experience like no other, here are the steps to expect when crafting your very own bespoke ring with Love & Co. this Valentine’s Day.

Choose your diamond shape 

Wow your loved one with jaw-dropping, fancy diamond cuts that would be sure to leave her speechless. When it comes to choosing a diamond shape, you do not have to stick to the classic round shape – explore other unique shapes that screams her style more! Have your pick from 5 stunning diamond shapes Love & Co. offers – round, oval, princess, emerald, and teardrop.

Pick a metal type 

Diamonds may be a lady’s best friend and might strike a chord in her heart – but limiting your focus to a single jewel will not cut it. After all, the metal of the ring makes the foundation for the overall appearance of the wedding ring. Choose between 3 irresistible metal types and select a surface finish to add personality to the design: white gold, rose gold, yellow gold.

Select your desired band 

The ring band heightens a ring’s overall aesthetic appeal, so it would be best to keep that in mind when hand-picking the ideal band. Love & Co. comes equipped with 5 primary bands to choose from – classic band, twirl band, double band, twisted band, and tapered band. 

Determine the diamond

Once the band is selected, it is time to pick a diamond that stands out from the crowd. Choosing the right diamond is more than just picking one with the biggest carat; it is a delicate process that requires time and patience. Love & Co. offers two diamond collections for you to decide – lab diamond and mined diamond. Afterwards, select the diamond specifications according to your preference and budget.

A bespoke ring, and then some

A bespoke ring, and then some

While a personalised ring is more than enough to prove your devoted love for her on this romantic day, you don’t necessarily have to stop there. Consider pairing the ring with other jewellery pieces from our Valentine’s Day collection to double the romance! From adorable heart-shaped mini ring pendants to sparkly locket earrings, be sure to find the perfect piece for her.

If you are still contemplating over the unending list of Valentine’s Day present ideas for that special someone, trust that Love & Co. always got your back as Singapore’s leading jewellery shop. Drop by our store or book an in-store consultation for a complete guide through of our offerings!

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