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Does Size Matter: More Than Just The Carats On Your Ring

  • October 9, 2019
  • Engagement Rings

Let’s face it – we live in a social media world where carat size seems to be the symbol of true love, and a guaranteed showstopper at any wedding ceremony.

The average carat size of engagement rings in Singapore is between 0.5 to 1 carat, but just like what we are about to show you – there is way more that goes into the perfect engagement ring.

In fact, a larger carat size does not always equate to more brilliance, clarity – and definitely not a cheaper price tag.

So, if you are ready to know the secrets that goes into a sparkling proposal, we are ready to share some helpful tips to get you started!


Let’s cut to the chase – the most important factor that will determine how bright and dazzling your diamond will turn out to be is the cut of the precious stone.

Why? This is because even the largest diamond will not be able to shine at its full potential if the cut is executed poorly.

Our Lovemarque diamond is an excellent example of the perfect cut – achieving the ‘Ultimate’ grade in all light performance parameters, the exceptional craftsmanship is what gives it the unique brilliance and intense sparkle of an unparalleled diamond.



While it is okay to go completely nuts over a particular ring that you saw online – it might not always be the best fit for your hand.

Since most brides end up wearing both their engagement rings and wedding bands on the same finger, it is also vital to envision how the bride’s hand will look while wearing both.

The best way to find out? Making a trip down to a reputable jeweller to try it out. At Love & Co., we have infinite possibilities to match any blushing bride-to-be. Our bridal jewellery embodies some of the most unique designs that is sure to match both the bride’s hands, and personality!



In addition to choosing the right cut and diamond, there are many other tips to making your ring appear larger without busting your budget.

For instance, a halo setting is one of the most iconic ways to make a smaller centre stone have a larger-than-life personality by making light bounce off more facets. In addition, a unique, cluster setting can give the illusion of more bling and bulk that is enough to make any bride’s heart soar.

To write your own rules, why not try customizing your ring instead – Love & Co. provides customization services for couples to design their very own engagement rings from start to finish. With a variety of ring setting and diamond specifications to choose from, you get to decide what truly matters.

So, to cut it short: size matters only if you want it to. No one is wrong for falling in love with a bigger diamond, but make sure that the diamond is cut to perfect precision, so that you can propose to your significant other with a brilliant and scintillating diamond engagement ring!

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