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Elegant LVC Wedding Band Collections For The Timeless Couple

  • February 18, 2022
  • Engagement Rings

Most, if not all, appreciate a trend-driven lover, but nothing screams “I’m married” quite like a classic diamond ring. While there is absolutely nothing wrong with picking a ring based on the current trends, you might find yourself feeling a different way down the line. However, if you are comfortable with replacing the ring entirely when you are over it, who’s to stop you from living your dream?

Defined by sophisticated simplicity, classic wedding rings never go out of style: they cut straight to the point. If you are looking to wear the same ring on your finger for the rest of your married life, then it would probably be best to choose a simple one that you will gush over ‘til death do you part. Additionally, if you are not looking forward to breaking the bank on a ring right now, then a minimalist design is ideal. The versatility and elegance of these rings are enough to make you fall in love with them all over again. After all, classic rings allow you to add on over time if you ever feel like you are in need of a bit of a twist. Suppose you have decided it is the right time to purchase the wedding band. In that case, here is a list of Love & Co.’s stunning wedding band collections compiled specially for the classic couple:

The effortless beauty of the LVC Classique

The effortless beauty of the LVC Classique

There is nothing quite like a collection that speaks a lifetime of style like the LVC Classique. Contemporary and timeless, the LVC Classique is a collection destined for a simple-loving him and her. For the couple who likes to keep it simple with just a little touch of sophistication, the LVC Classique is the one to pick – with its sleek and uncomplicated design.

The perfect pairing with LVC Perfection

The perfect pairing with LVC Perfection

You might have heard the saying ‘all good things come in pairs’ – the LVC Perfection can vouch for that. The couple who hold this belief dear to their hearts will find the LVC Perfection to be their true fate. Marrying the beauty of a duet, this collection features perfectly tapered and proportioned rings to complement the engagement ring.

Celebrate fresh beginnings with LVC Soleil

Celebrate fresh beginnings with LVC Soleil

A timeless ring does not necessarily mean that you have to sacrifice a bit of colour. The LVC Soleil Trinity Wedding Band in Yellow, White, and Rose Gold with Satin Finish is a match made in Heaven for the couple seeking a pop of colour to the simplicity. Translating to ‘sun’ in French, this one-of-a-kind piece features a mix of golds blended together seamlessly and resembles rays of sunlight. The significance behind the unique pair, you might ask? This gorgeous 7-diamond ring represents a fresh beginning, ideal for the excited couple looking to start a promising and bright future together.


Whether you are a timeless bride or a minimalist groom, there are 3 essential factors to look out for when it comes to selecting the perfect wedding band:

– Quality: durability, one that aligns with your lifestyle.

– Comfort: it is a ring that you will be wearing forever, so comfort is essential!

– Your preferred design: for the lady – a matching pair with your engagement ring.

Fortunately for you, Love & Co.’s jewellery pieces are all crafted with the highest quality craftsmanship with a wide variety of wedding band designs for you to choose from – no matter if you are looking to buy a wedding ring or a diamond bracelet in Singapore.

Have yet to find the sincere piece that carries your sentiments most beautifully? Then, feel free to browse through our broad range of rings in the LVC Classique, LVC Perfection, and LVC Soleil collection for the special one that represents your undying love! If you need recommendations, book an in-store appointment with our highly experienced consultants for the second opinion you desire. Here at Love & Co., we dedicate ourselves to curating jewellery inspired by your unique love story – leave your worries with us and have peace of mind that we are here to demolish all your ring troubles.

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