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Find Everlasting Beauty In Love And Life With LVC Eterno

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Everyone dreams of having their own ‘happily ever after’, and for many, that might include settling down in marriage with the love of their life! The notion of everlasting love is a pure and sacred one that ought to be commemorated, and that’s exactly what the LVC Eterno collection does.

Stunning melee diamonds define this elegant collection, which won’t look out of place in any modern wedding jewellery lookbook. Featuring lovely rings, necklaces, earrings, and bangles, the comprehensive collection expresses every couple’s deepest wishes for unwavering, never-ending love.


Has it ever crossed your mind why wedding rings are the symbol of marriage? Some say that the practice of presenting the bride with a ring on wedding day dates back to ancient Egyptian times, where rings were made of woven grass! But more importantly, the ring remains a meaningful symbol today due to its shape as a circle.

A circle has no corners, no beginning, and no end – representing seamless eternity and completeness. And that’s what love should be!

LVC Eterno builds on this beautiful symbol with their eternity rings, lined with melee diamonds for a stylish touch of radiance. As diamonds are another popular icon of ‘forever’, there’s no better way to seal your hopes for a forever love with an LVC Eterno wedding band.

An eternity ring is designed with couples in mind, as a way for someone to show their partner how their relationship is meant to last forever.



The simple, understated style of the LVC Eterno blends in perfectly with the modern outlook, where the mantra ‘less is more’ is hugely celebrated. Versatility is a huge plus point, as every item can easily be worn as an everyday accessory or to a glitzy dinner event.

Though minimalistic at heart, there is nothing underwhelming about the dazzling jewellery items in this collection. If you’re someone who can’t get enough of diamonds, the eternity rings are still sure to satisfy your taste for bling!

Much of these rings’ beauty lies in its details. You can choose whether you’d like to have them as pavé diamonds or channel-set. While pavé diamonds are ideal for showing off the gems’ brilliance, the added security of channel-set diamonds means the latter option is best suited to those who lead active lifestyles.

Besides that, LVC Eterno complements your diamond ring that you are wearing. It fits snugly in behind the stone or stones on your engagement ring.



Those familiar with the concept of eternity rings would know that these are typically given as gifts within couples during significant milestones or anniversaries. But these days, the lines have blurred, and there’s nothing wrong with using an eternity ring as a wedding band or promise ring as well!

Yet, one of the best things about this collection is that it’s not all about the rings! The collection brings over the concept of eternity diamonds to its other jewellery accessories as well, resulting in blissfully elegant earrings, necklaces, and bangles. These are totally non-occasion-specific, making them excellent yet classy gift ideas for literally any occasion.

Whether it is a gift for your partner, mother, or between close girl friends, LVC Eterno jewellery items will definitely impress them as the design is classy and perfect for daily wear. No one’s going to judge even if you buy it as a treat to yourself! Every woman deserves to own a classy jewellery piece in her lifetime.

For a sweet and elegant way to celebrate your happily forever after, or any other meaningful milestones in life, LVC Eterno remains a wonderful gift choice. View the full collection for yourself in our online store or at Love & Co.’s jewellery shops islandwide.

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