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Get It Right: Solving The Age-Old Engagement Ring Dilemma

As your proposal date looms near and you’re ticking off your preparation checklist, it’s clear that there’s only one thing left – the diamond engagement ring. But buying a diamond ring for a surprise proposal isn’t an easy task. How should you find out her ring size? How can you make sure you get a design she loves? As all these questions fill your mind, you might feel that there is no room for making mistakes.

For sure, you don’t want to spend a significant sum on the wrong purchase. So, how can you get it right while still nailing that perfect surprise proposal? Fret not! We may have just the solution for you to ace both the proposal and the diamond ring.


Sometimes the best proposal is the one that focuses on the moment, and not entirely the ring. What if you put the idea of the engagement ring aside for a moment, and work with a Pre-Engagement Ring instead?

What is this Pre-Engagement Ring? It’s Love & Co.’s solution to help men take away the uncertainties of getting a costly engagement ring first while focusing on the proposal. The person proposing can gift their significant other this ring, bearing the engravings of the question of the day, “Will You Marry Me?”

There’s no need to select the engagement ring until later on, when you have successfully sprung the surprise proposal, won over their heart, and have them say ‘Yes, I will’. After the engagement, you will be able to choose the perfect diamond ring together, letting your partner partake in choosing from the wide selection of designs and diamonds to her heart’s delight.

This novel strategy with a Pre-Engagement Ring lets you bid goodbye to potential ring problems, while allowing the love of your life to still enjoy a surprise fairytale proposal and diamond ring of their dream. Leave your ring worries with us – work on that perfect proposal with the Love & Co. Pre-Engagement Ring. Get it right from the start with this ring.


Keep it simple and fuss-free with Love & Co.’s Pre-Engagement Ring. You won’t have to stress over options like the type of diamonds, designs, or price.

Our Pre-Engagement Rings are affordably-priced, made of quality 925 Sterling Silver, with the option of silver or rose gold. As a bonus, you will receive an exclusive ring box with every purchase. The compact box is designed to fit in one’s pocket perfectly, letting you bid farewell to bulging ring boxes that risk spoiling your thoroughly-planned surprise.


Getting your hands on the Pre-Engagement Ring is easy, too! Simply head on down to any Love & Co. store in Singapore, or make your purchase online at a retail price of S$299.

After your successful proposal, we welcome you back to select your preferred engagement ring and wedding rings with us as well! With our vast range of styles and even options for bespoke designs and customisation, there’s bound to be one for every taste.

So, to everyone who has been fretting over how to get the right engagement ring – the secret is out! Instead of stressing over buying the wrong diamond ring, let your significant other choose their own instead, while you propose with a Pre-Engagement Ring first. With this knowledge, you can now focus wholeheartedly on planning your perfect, dreamy proposal. Get it right today!

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