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GirlSquad Goals: Get The Perfect Best-Friend Gift From $59

  • May 14, 2021
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Your #GirlSquad has been with you on both good and bad days. From seeing you go nuts over the latest fashion trends to balling your eyes out over heartbreaks, your BFFs are always there at every step of the way. And now, they’ve been a dear in your long wedding planning journey. So it’s time to take your childhood friendship bracelets to the next level!

Tell your #GirlSquad just how much they mean to you with these stunning everyday pieces. Just as how they’ve helped you to shine with their unwavering support, repay the favour and let them dazzle in these gorgeous sterling silver jewellery! At Love & Co., our team says there are endless ways to elevate your beautiful friendship. Pick the fashion jewellery that speaks best to your best friends – you’ll make them feel adored with these thoughtful pieces.

Enhance her everyday charm: LVC Carla Ovale Chain Link Extension Earrings

For your that gal pal who holds a bold personality, here’s a brilliant gift to enhance her everyday charm! Get her this pair of dazzling LVC Carla Ovale Chain Link Extension Earrings. These give the perfect modern flair to any of her Outfit-Of-The-Day (OOTD). Whether she prefers the classic silver or a rose gold twist, these unique chain links are sure to switch things up and make her stand out from the crowd.

Gift her a one-of-a-kind necklace: LVC Charmes Classic Mini Ring Necklace


It’s time to take your friendship to the next level – glam your gal pal up with a charming and thoughtful gift! Make your best friend feel special by gifting her a jewellery piece that holds significance to the both of you. With this, take the opportunity to thank her with the exclusive LVC mini ring necklaces that comes in an extensive range of designs, with the option to choose between a diamond or a gemstone. Choose the diamond or gemstone you know suits her best!

For a trendier twist, the mini ring collection gives a unique touch to complete her look and style effortlessly. At the same time, the dazzling 925 silver ring necklace would easily reflect the true unbreakable bond your friendship holds for the both of you!

A touch of personalisation for her: LVC Belle Gem Initial Earring

She’s much more than a friend, but a sister who knows you through and through! So why not tell her how much you appreciate her with the most unique gift? For that exclusive touch, choose a pair of gorgeous LVC Belle Gem initial Earrings that comes in her initial.

Not only that, these earrings carefully hold thirteen cubic zirconia gemstones that gives a beautiful sparkle on her ears. Gifting this piece would also mean offering her a glamorous look – whether she’s in her stunning evening gown or a comfortable set of tee shirt and jeans.

Tell her that her friendship holds a special place in your heart: LVC Carla Chain Heart Bracelet

Delicate and precious – if these words are fitting for your long-lasting friendship, you’ve landed yourself on the ideal gift for your girls. Let your gal pals know just how precious their friendship is when you customise the heart on this charming LVC Carla Chain Heart Bracelet. You may opt for the complimentary engraving of up to three characters to make the friendship gift extra meaningful. Let her be showered with love from this silver bracelet when she stacks it with other jewellery pieces!

Strengthen your connection with her: LVC Carla Modern Lock Chain Necklace

Don’t just tell her how close of a sister she is to you, show it with your actions! For that, gift your gal pal this bold jewellery statement: the LVC Carla Modern Lock Chain Necklace. The bold chains on the necklace parallel the strong bonds between you and your bestie. What’s more, this beautiful necklace design offers your girls an added edge to their OOTDs – they will bask in the chic look it provides.

Similarly, enhance this friendship gift with a complimentary customisation on the lock. You’ll be gifting her with a customised jewellery that signifies your friendship: a treasured piece that she can call her own.


Catch your #GirlSquad off guard when you present them with alluring pieces during your usual girls night out! Never forget how much your girls mean to you: elevate your promise of friendship with these dazzling and thoughtfully crafted jewellery pieces.

And just like your eternal promise of friendship, Love & Co. also makes a promise to you! Our passionate team promises complimentary island-wide delivery and cleaning across the outlets, all to sustain that glow on your besties’ faces. Book an appointment and make a trip down with your besties for the ultimate friendship gifts!


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