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In-Style Wedding Band Designs For Men To Watch Out For

As the piece of jewellery that follows after the perfect engagement ring, often, couples tend to disregard the wedding band selection – more so because they are preoccupied with ticking off their seemingly endless wedding preparation list. As a result, some couples delay the hunt for their wedding bands until the final month before the wedding. While it is understandable, the simple truth is that devoting additional time and effort to your search for the ideal wedding ring is well worth it! Besides, these meaningful bands make for a steadfast symbol of the everlasting love between your partner and you, rather than just accomplishing your aesthetic ring stack.

At Love & Co., we recognise the challenges that come with finding the perfect wedding band for men. Though in-style wedding band designs for women are relatively easy to discover with the many designs to choose from, the same, unfortunately, cannot be said about men. While a breath-taking rose gold wedding ring with diamonds elegantly placed in a pave setting will melt many women’s hearts, it may simply not be the ring that some guys like to don.

In this article, we share 6 trendy Love & Co. wedding bands to choose from for the groom-to-be!

1. LVC Promise Interlocking Wedding Band in Rose Gold

LVC Promise Interlocking Wedding Band in Rose Gold

A signature Love & Co. collection, the LVC Promise Interlocking Wedding Band in Rose Gold is based on the flawless integration of the nut and bolt, symbolising the union of two lovebirds destined for forever. The band’s five unique grooves signify the basic tenets of a lasting relationship: bond, devotion, commitment, happiness, and love.

2. LVC Soleil Wedding Band in Dual Matte and Glossy Finish 

LVC Soleil Wedding Band in Dual Matte and Glossy Finish

The LVC Soleil Wedding Band in Dual Matte and Glossy Finish is a remarkable 1-diamond ring that denotes a new beginning, the start of a promising and bright future together. LVC Soleil, which translates to ‘sun’ in French, offers a combination of golds that merge effortlessly, evoking beams of sunlight. All in all, the 18K white and rose gold band is a perfect match for the romantics ready to enter a new stage of life.

3. LVC Noeud Cariad Diamond Wedding Band

LVC Noeud Cariad Diamond Wedding Band

If anything, the LVC Noeud Cariad Diamond Wedding Band is a statement piece that speaks for itself. This 18K white gold and rose gold diamond ring signifies your eternal commitment to her, with two lives tied together in a little knot. A sophisticated and classy dual-tone ring, this band is ideal for your beloved, who might be torn between different metal types.

4. LVC Perfection Bliss Wedding Band in White and Rose Gold 

LVC Perfection Bliss Wedding Band in White and Rose Gold

The LVC Perfection Bliss wedding band design features a curved form symbolising an infinite twist – signifying a forever love between two individuals. A duo-toned of 18K white gold and rose gold ring, its smooth and glossy surface makes for a sleek design; destined for the groom-to-be seeking timeless elegance in their wedding band.

5. LVC Purete Wedding Band in Platinum with Milgrain Design 

LVC Purete Wedding Band in Platinum with Milgrain Design

Revel in the beauty of the milgrain band design with the stunning LVC Purete Wedding Band in Platinum with Milgrain Design from Love & Co. This ring takes the classic milgrain style to the next level with a delicate raised border positioned just around the ring’s top surface.

The LVC Purete is inspired by the unshakable strength of marriage, where intricate expertise is required to create the world’s densest precious metal into exquisite bands.

6. LVC Desirio Infinity Wedding Band in Rose Gold

LVC Desirio Infinity Wedding Band in Rose Gold

Timeless, stunning, classic; the characteristics of the LVC Desirio Infinity Wedding Band in Rose Gold. This unique rose gold wedding band combines lightweight functionality and creative designs for the lovebirds who want it all.



When hunting for trendy wedding bands for your loved one, it is worth noting that the design should ideally be stylish yet comfortable – the band that embodies your eternal love for him will only be on his finger for life.

At Love & Co., we dedicate ourselves to journeying with and providing you with a thoughtful wedding jewellery collection in Singapore to complement every romantic milestone. Explore our wedding band collection online where we carry a full range of designs that suit all styles and preferences. Alternatively, if you need a personalised 1-to-1 consultation to find the perfect band, you may simply book an in-store consultation with us today! We are sure to do our best to find you a wedding band pair that perfectly encapsulates your bond and connection with your forever person.

LVC Soleil

Translating to ‘sun’ in French, the LVC Soleil collection features a mix of golds that blend together seamlessly,

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