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Share Love & Jolly In 2021 With Christmas Gift Ideas For Him

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It’s that time of the year now, so all hail the perfect season for gift-giving! If you’re looking for gift ideas to make your romantic partner feel extra special this holiday, what better way to make their Christmas even merrier than giving them a piece of jewellery that they can carry around with them and don on anywhere they go? Well, look no further and gone are the hours spent braving the Christmas-shoppers crowd to no avail—because Love & Co. is here to give you a wide array of choices to choose from!

When it comes to shopping for gifts, men are often the toughest to shop for. To help express your love this holiday season, read on to discover the perfect jewellery style for him! And if you’re looking for Christmas gift ideas for your most cherished men in life, you’ve arrived at nowhere but the right place.

LVC Andro Men Linear Bracelet

LVC Andro Men Linear Bracelet

With its affordable price, this stylish bracelet is one of the best ways to convey your appreciation and gratitude for him! Featuring a 925 Silver bar and a sparkling cubic zirconia gemstone, our LVC Andro Men Linear Bracelet is a polished nylon braided cuff that comes in an 18cm dimension. With its chic and minimalistic style, it’s a versatile piece that is bound to look good on his wrist and add a dash of sophistication to any outfit. What makes this extra special is the complimentary engraving you could opt for to create a one-of-a-kind piece—talk about a perfect cherry on top.

LVC Charmes Noel Motif Cufflinks

LVC Charmes Noel Motif Cufflinks

Widely regarded as a noble and refined piece of accessory, the right pair of cufflinks can easily elevate any man’s look. Cufflinks add a subtle yet distinct element of attention to detail to any of his favourite button-down shirts. The best set of cufflinks not only reflects discerning taste but also completes the tone for a gentleman’s outfit. And what with the thousands of options available in this modern-day, finding the right set can be somewhat intimidating.

But first and foremost, you can turn to our LVC Charmes Noel Motif Cufflinks! These contemporary square cufflinks boast Love & Co.’s own unique motifs and are crafted and outlined to highlight stylish elegance. Their classic design is a perfect addition to any shirt, well-suited for any event and is bound to put a smile on the recipient’s face!

LVC Charmes Ethan Motif Cufflinks 

LVC Charmes Ethan Motif Cufflinks

Alternatively, you could look towards our LVC Charmes Ethan Matte Motif Cufflinks, where contemporary meets classic in an elegant fashion. The unique design is crafted with timeless stainless steel material and is sure to impress family, friends and guests alike at any well-dressed occasion. The modern spin on the classic silhouette sets one up for success by complementing any man’s attire and provides the extra flair that will surely make your man stand out amidst the crowd. 


As we bid another quarantine-filled year goodbye, nothing beats rewarding yourself and your loved ones with heartwarming exchanges of gratitude for having gotten through 2021 together. So enjoy some festive cheer with your closest circle as you indulge in their companionship and the wonderful season that is Christmas!

If you’re still mulling over the unending lists of Christmas present ideas for your loved ones, trust that Love & Co. always got your back as Singapore’s leading jewellery shop. Without further ado, book an in-store consultation or drop by our store any day for us to guide you through our exclusive in-store offerings!

LVC Soleil

Translating to ‘sun’ in French, the LVC Soleil collection features a mix of golds that blend together seamlessly,

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