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Simple Ways To Celebrate Your Wedding Anniversary

It’s that time of the year again – your wedding anniversary day. It happens every year and unlike your spouse’s birthday (which is just as significant), this special date is to commemorate all the time you two have spent as a couple.

Thus, it makes sense to celebrate this day with a plan in mind.

Below, we have put together a few simple ideas you can consider when the day is fast approaching.


It’s never too early for another trip.

Pick a country that you have been yearning to visit. Or give your spouse a mini surprise by arranging a trip to her favourite destination. The precious time that you two get to spend together on this getaway will make it a joyful experience and may even deepen the bonds between both of you.



Who says you can only have a jolly good time outside of your home?

With enough planning, your home could be the next best place for any lovely date with your spouse.

Get some nice, scented candles and set the table. Adorn the entire room with a fine platter for two, and maybe put up some decorations if you’re feeling a little spontaneous. And there you have it, a nice candlelit dinner which awaits you two.

Now sit back, relax and let the ambience do the rest of the work when dinner begins.



There is probably a pile of anniversary gift ideas out there for you to pick from, but sometimes, it’s good to go by the book.

Why not pick up a piece of paper and write something to touch their heart with? You could write a heartfelt note and have each line filled with your spouse’s wonderful characteristic.

Gifts like an anniversary bands or a bouquet of flowers make the ideal tokens of love and will certainly put a smile on her face.

Or better yet, let the occasion be extra significant by renewing your vows with Love & Co to celebrate your anniversary. Both wed-to-be couples and married couples are invited to enjoy this privilege.



It may not be the most romantic idea for your wedding anniversary, but it will serve to be a spectacular one for a couple who enjoys sharing their joy with others.

Whether you have decided to keep it small or go big for the party, this idea is especially perfect for couples who love to socialise. It could be at a Michelin Star restaurant or a simple outdoor barbecue at one of your favourite parks.

Regardless of the location, you will surely have a good time with your significant other, family and friends.


This is your chance to doll up, grab (or even buy) a glamorous dress for a night out with your beloved spouse!

Make reservations at a classy restaurant or take this opportunity to catch a movie or musical, while looking at your finest. Let it be extra special by getting a pair of matching anniversary rings.

Regardless of whether you prefer something slightly fancier or a casual day with just the two of you, these ideas are just a few out of the many to help you commemorate your wedding anniversary.

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