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The Kimberley Process: What Is It And Is It Sustainable?

When sourcing for the ideal wedding ring, you might find yourself being spoiled for choice – with the broad spectrum of options of gemstones and precious stones available in the market. However, it is no secret that many people are attracted to diamonds and all the beautiful qualities that it has to offer. One can now have the option to choose between a lab or a mined diamond, with both diamonds made of the exact same chemical and physical properties – the only difference is in its origin.

Diamonds are a precious resource, and many seek them out when buying an engagement ring for their significant other. However, although diamonds are very valuable, the process of gathering them and mining for them can be very unethical and may be shocking to some. For this reason, the Kimberley Process was established to stop the unethical practices of diamond mining.

What is the Kimberley Process?

Established in 2003, The Kimberley Process Certification Scheme was made to stop the selling of diamonds that were known to be ‘conflict diamonds’ in the rough diamond industry. Conflict diamonds are known to be unethically sourced due to the nature of the work and the lack of payment made to these diamond miners. The Kimberley Process can ensure that a classic diamond ring comes from ethical sources, and individuals could purchase them for themselves or their significant others without having to worry about the process that the diamond took to get into its ring form.

Is the Kimberley Process sustainable in the long run?

Is the Kimberley Process sustainable in the long run?
Source: https://theminimalistvegan.com/live-a-more-sustainable-lifestyle/

Well, the short answer is maybe, but maybe not. The Kimberley Process can be a good starting point for many different companies. However, it may not be a good idea to rely on just the Kimberley Process to ensure that diamonds are ethically sourced. The Kimberley Process was established with the express objective of preventing the sale of conflict diamonds and guaranteeing that purchases did not fund rebel militias. Unfortunately, the Kimberley Process Scheme only protects against rebel strife when it comes to ‘conflict’ diamonds – not against any other sort of violence or abuse. Even the non-governmental organisations that designed it acknowledge that it is riddled with flaws.

IMPACT, a well-known non-governmental organisation, departed the Kimberley system in December 2017, after another non-governmental organisation that had left just a few months before. Thus, lab-created diamonds are a much better alternative for conscious individuals.

The Kimberley Process vs aboveground diamonds

The Kimberley Process vs aboveground diamonds
Source: https://www.designscene.net/2020/06/ethical-diamonds.html

Kimberley Process and aboveground diamonds
Source: https://diamondfoundry.com/blogs/the-foundry-journal/they-call-their-diamonds-ethical-based-on-the-kimberley-process-so-are-they-truly

When it comes to the Kimberley Process and aboveground diamonds, a few comparisons can be made to determine which is the better solution. While it is undoubtedly true that both the Kimberley Process and aboveground diamonds do not finance civil wars, more can be said about the latter. Unlike the Kimberley Process, aboveground diamonds use responsible and safe labour practices, minimise environmental degradation, are untainted by human rights abuses, and more. Hence, despite the emergence of the Kimberley Process, the fact is that lab-grown diamonds are always a smarter and more sustainable choice when all is said and done.

So fellas, if you are looking for ethically sourced diamonds in the wedding ring you plan on purchasing for your significant other, then aboveground diamonds are the way to go.

Kimberley Process is a great way to start learning


While the Kimberley Process is a great way to start learning about the different ways that you can purchase ethically sourced diamonds, in the long run, aboveground diamonds created in sustainable environments are still the one true solution for conscious customers. If you are keen on learning more about lab-grown jewellery or looking to purchase a Type II A lab-created engagement ring or proposal ring for your special one, book an in-store consultation with us at Love & Co. today and our lovely retail executives at our leading jewellery shop will be more than happy to assist you in finding the perfect guilt-free ring for your significant other.

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