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Trendy Silver & Rose Gold Custom Signet Ring Styles To Try

If you’re one to love wearing a piece of history to complete your outfits, signet rings are just the thing for you. Way back in the medieval times, signet rings were worn only by the most elite – royalty included. However, they weren’t just fancy jewellery for flaunting. A more practical purpose was for these rings to serve as handy stamps to mark important documents.

So, if you are feeling that vintage vibe, or really just want a modern take on this piece of heritage jewellery, you can’t miss having a signet ring in your jewellery collection. Of course, another reason to get your hands on this trending item is its ease of customisability!

Take a look at the multitude of ways you can customise your very own fashion statement, which could also serve as a very meaningful piece of jewellery when intended as a gift!

Introducing Love & Co.’s signet ring range – LVC Signum, this collection will definitely wow you. It is made of 925 Sterling Silver and our signet rings come with the option of rose gold plating for that extra touch of unique and modern sensibility.

True classic

This one’s for the purists at heart: the closest imagining of what the original signet rings looked like. Commonly made of gold or silver, traditional signet rings often sport a circle or oval centrepiece. Harken back to the old medieval aesthetics with an engraved cursive monogram that you can use to represent anything you wish – your initials, a special person or a significant date.

Want to wear it true to style? Then, you have to get a petite ring that will fit on your pinky finger! This classic way to wear your custom signet ring is sure to play into those who vibe with the vintage, antique fashion visuals.

Bold statement

Big and bold accessories are in trend right now, and all the big jewellery brands aren’t leaving signet rings alone! Wear one of these silver signet rings for the fashion statement, complete with a striking square-shaped ring head for a glamourous and contemporary refresh style, as compared to the traditional version. For a more prominent, playfully oversized look, opt for a larger size to go on your third or index finger.

Your personal touch on the signet ring can go in the form of a clear-cut engraving in a more modern, non-cursive font for ease of readability. Depending on how you style it, this bold and modern take on the signet ring can accompany you from your casual parties to dinner events.

Modern minimalist

Love the clean flow of modern styles, but don’t like to attract too much attention with your accessories? Signet rings present you with the chance to go minimalist. Ditch the opulent cursive fonts and go for a simple, sans serif font for the ultimate minimalist look. A rectangular centrepiece that’s flush with the ring band is perfect for that clean, fitting aesthetic.

With such a simple, understated style, these minimally-designed signet rings are ideal as gifts for yourself or for your loved ones, especially this range of signet rings, which is perfect for both genders.

Love & Co.’s LVC Signum collection allows you to customize it your way and make it special with endless engravings! If you’re looking for a men’s signet ring as a gift, this is probably your best option. Due to the clean design, these rings also work like a charm as stackable rings with your wedding or engagement rings!

Unsure what size fits you? Head down to Love & Co. stores to measure your ring size today and get that perfect signet ring!

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