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Wrap Up 2021 With A Romantic Date & Sparkly Surprise For Her

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For many, the year-end festivities classically involve a chock full of confetti, appetising hors d’oeuvre, fine champagne, and glitzy new outfits. But for some, it might appear a little laxer (considering pandemic regulations) and represent spending an intimate day of celebration with your loved one. Either way, the festive season is full of individual tradition and such an excellent opportunity for couples to bask in romance! From an indulgent staycation to a whimsical picnic out in nature to recreating your first date, there are endless ideas.

Being married, or simply being in a relationship, gives the year-end a romantic and exclusive glow. Being a part of a couple, it’s no longer only about your personal expectations and goals for the year to come but about your hopes and dreams for your relationship.

A Sparkly Surprise For Her

As you and your significant other celebrate the end of the year, you learn to look back on and reflect on all the fulfilling experiences that have come with it. And what’s to stop you from presenting a well-deserved year-end reward for her to express your heartfelt love?

LVC Christmas Mini Ring of Joy Bundle

LVC Christmas Mini Ring of Joy Bundle

First up — turn to the LVC Christmas Mini Ring of Joy Bundle, which consists of the ever-elegant, ultra-chic and fashionably versatile LVC Charmes Classic Mini Ring Necklace and Mini Ring Diamond Bracelet. The premium bundle is 925 Silver Plated and White Gold for the bracelet, and promises an exquisite gift that symbolises eternal love and commitment for her well into the new year.

LVC Eterno Diamond Necklace

LVC Eterno Diamond Necklace

For added brilliance, the LVC Eterno diamond necklace is a dazzling, outstanding yet highly versatile piece of jewellery that is bound to impress your belle. Featuring a delicate curve of pave round diamonds, the necklace complements any everyday look, gently delivers a splash of elegance to the wearer and provides an assertive air of femininity.

LVC Joie Diamond Pendant “IV”

LVC Joie Diamond Pendant "IV"

To celebrate another year of unending love, you may opt for the LVC Joie pendant, which features Roman numerals and proves a sentimental symbol of all the fond anniversaries you’ve spent together. Flaunting an 18K White Gold and Rose Gold setting and a complimentary 10K White Gold chain, the sophisticated pendant makes for a luxurious and bold statement of your dedication to her.

LVC Promise Full Diamond Necklace

LVC Promise Full Diamond Necklace

Did you know that diamonds, the most mainstream and popular gemstone, symbolise steadfast love? If so, you’re bound to take delight in gifting your significant other with the LVC Promise diamond necklace — magnificently inlaid with a whopping 46 opulent diamonds! Classic and elegant, the LVC Promise diamond necklace is simply the most versatile of all gifts, appropriate for any and every occasion and highly worthy as a year-end souvenir of infinite gratitude.

Ready To Pop The Question?

We all know there’s nothing sweeter or more romantic than being on the same team and striving towards a shared vision. As you inch towards a fresh, new year together, now’s the perfect time to mark the occasion by listing out and discussing your goals, both individual and shared.

Discussing your goals over nibbles and wine may not sound like a glitzy year-end activity, but it will surely be when it involves your future with your romantic partner! And if both of you are ready to take it one step further, to go to infinity and beyond together, you’d have to present the symbolic rock to seal the deal.

Now, are you wanting to do something special to mark the year-end?

LVC Precieux Destiny Esme Diamond Wedding Ring

LVC Precieux Destiny Esme Diamond Wedding Ring

Inlaid with a lab-grown diamond of an unrivalled illuminance, the LVC Precieux Destiny Esme Diamond Wedding Ring features a contemporary twist of 18K White and Rose Gold that thoughtfully mimics the symbol of infinity. Extraordinary in its own right and only as unique as the love you share with her, the intricacies of the wedding ring represents the balance and commitment in every enduring relationship. A fitting symbol for a lifetime of love and sweetness, this ring is bound to sweep her off her feet and is a glorious treat to mark the new chapter, new year, of your lives.

Promise (Slim) Lab Diamond Engagement Ring in White Gold in 4 prongs

Promise (Slim) Lab Diamond Engagement Ring in White Gold in 4 prongs

There’s a sort of universal acknowledgement of the immense beauty in the promise and declaration of marriage, and so trust us when we say that we’ve got just what you need for a more beautiful and memorable kick-off to your new chapter.

Here, you’d have to take a look at Love & Co.’s specially curated LVC Promise (Slim) Lab Diamond Engagement Ring — only ever inspired by the resolute and united bond of a nut and a bolt when joined together. As they say, two is better than one. The ageless, sparkly ring lets your message be heard loud and clear as you strive towards your shared drive, goals and vision for the new year — with a new status of two lovebirds coming together as one.

LVC Precieux Love Journey Carita Diamond Wedding Ring

LVC Precieux Love Journey Carita Diamond Wedding Ring

Last but not least, meet the LVC Precieux Love Journey Carita Diamond Wedding Ring — the sweetest, most feminine choice of the lot for the girly girl you cherish most! The stunning solitaire diamond is set with dreamlike heart-shaped prongs and on an 18K White Gold band with gorgeous, intricate details. The feminine design is bound to delight your favourite girl, add a charming touch of innocence to her style and put the most bedazzling smile on her face! Is that not the perfect image to wrap up the year?


The year-end is filled with festivities, celebration, anticipation for the new year ahead, and all the experiences that will come with it. And it is exhilarating to look forward to what is to stem from the budding romantic love of all the couples.

The options for a memorable night are truly limitless, but if you’d like to express your heartfelt sentiments in a tangible way, head on down to any of our six showrooms for us to help! Any sincere gift is a sure way to make sparks fly on your date.

LVC Soleil

Translating to ‘sun’ in French, the LVC Soleil collection features a mix of golds that blend together seamlessly,

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