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1. Do chain necklaces have any meaning?

In the early history of wearing chains around the neck, chains were associated with status and power. Over time, people wore them with pendants to signify authority or religious affiliation.

However, in modern times, chains are worn for fashion or self-adornment more than anything else. Some people may also gift jewellery chains to their loved ones.

2. How can I style a chain necklace?

For a minimalist look, you can wear a chain on its own. If not, you can also get creative by layering chains of different thicknesses, materials, or lengths. Chains can also be paired with pendants or charms to create a focal point.

3. Are there sizes for necklace chains?

Some of Love & Co.’s chains come in multiple sizes, measured according to the chain length. For layering, simply choose two chains of differing lengths to instantly accentuate your neckline.

4. What types of chains are there?

Chain necklaces come in many different varieties, differing based on their appearance and how the links attach to each other.

For example, box chains are named because each link is a square shape when flattened onto a surface. Cable chains use oval-shaped links that are usually uniform in size.

Box chains and cable chains are some of the most versatile chain types for women’s jewellery because they can look simple and dainty, yet they are quite durable.

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