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Every proposal signifies a unique chapter in a couple's love story, a moment filled with promises, dreams, and shared futures. This dedication to crafting meaningful rings makes us the prime destination for engagement rings in Singapore.

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A true representation of saying “I love you” without words, this Love & Co. patented diamond cut is crafted to reveal a dazzling heart at the pavilion and table of the diamond.
The infinity symbol decorated with a pave diamond band offers a perfect combination for maximal sparkle, adding a unique touch to its design.
Love & Co.’s signature design, crafted with four heart prongs sitting on a heart setting. The centre stone is elevated to create an extraordinary shine on the finger.
The most classic and timeless engagement setting, allowing more light to enter the diamond, giving it maximum shine.
A pave setting, where the setting is encrusted with a row of diamonds, leading to the centre stone to give the ring that extra sparkle.
Designed with a pair of fancy diamonds on a classic band setting, this is a trending design that has grown in popularity over the years.
An all-time timeless design that stood the test of time, it exudes an effortless style for different occasions and are designed to be worn for a lifetime.
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LVC Say Love™ Destiny Esme Diamond Ring - 0.7ct
LVC Say Love™ Destiny Esme Diamond Ring - 0.7ct
Under $3100

Discover Timeless Engagement Ring Styles

Every engagement ring we create is a masterpiece, symbolising love and commitment. At Love & Co., we believe in making that heartfelt moment even more enchanting with our meticulously crafted proposal ring collection. From classic styles to modern creations — our diverse designs for rings resonate with every love journey. Choose from a variety of diamond shapes – from the classic allure of oval-cut diamonds or the popular romantic heart-shaped diamond. Browse our engagement ring collection today and enjoy up to $300 off when you book an appointment.

Planning to pop the question soon? Discover the secrets to crafting the perfect proposal moment in Singapore.

Sustainable Diamonds: The Modern Choice

In this era of conscious choices, we proudly offer diamond engagement rings crafted from sustainable lab-grown diamonds. As the first jeweller to introduce lab-grown diamonds in Southeast Asia, we blend eco-friendliness with unmatched artistry. Our engagement bands are not only ethical but also echo the desires and values of the modern couple.

Shop Bespoke Engagement Rings Online

At Love & Co., we offer you the convenience of browsing our ready-set engagement rings collection from the comfort of your home. You can easily order these exquisite rings and expect to collect them from our stores within five to seven working days. Alternatively, we provide a swift express delivery service within just three to five days.

If you have specific preferences and seek a more personalised touch, explore our custom ring builder functionality. Here, you have limitless possibilities for selecting the diamond shape, cut, and casing design that suits your vision. Please note that custom rings require a longer timeframe, typically around two to three months from the date of order.



What makes lab-grown diamonds in Love & Co. engagement rings different?

Lab-grown diamonds in our engagement rings for women are created using cutting-edge technology that replicates the natural diamond-growing process. Being one of the highest grades of diamonds, they are triple-cut – or Triple Excellent (3EX) – which means they can reflect almost all the light that enters, offering a stunning array of brilliance and fire. Apart from being identical to earth-mined diamonds in terms of appearance, lab-grown diamond prices are also more affordable. As such, our sustainable diamonds offer the same beauty without the environmental impact.

Can I customise my engagement ring with Love & Co.?

At Love & Co., personalisation is at the heart of our service. When customising your engagement ring with our ring builder, you can either design it from scratch or add personal touches to our existing creations. Whether you want changes in band design, diamond cut or overall aesthetics, our experts will guide you through every step.

How can I determine the correct size for my engagement ring?

Getting the perfect ring size is vital for both comfort and wearability. You can take a piece of string and wrap around your ring finger at a comfortable snugness. Then compare the measurement against our detailed Ring Sizing Guide. Alternatively, book an appointment with us for a dedicated consultation with our specialists to help you find a fit that's both secure and comfortable.

Do Love & Co. engagement rings come with a certification?

Yes, Love & Co. engagement rings are certified by reputable gemological laboratories like the International Gemological Institute (IGI), De Beers Group Institute of Diamonds (IOD) and Institution of Advanced Gemology (IAG). These certifications attest to the diamond's authenticity, ensuring its quality and providing buyers with confidence in their choice.

What type of engagement rings does Love & Co. offer?

Love & Co. offers a wide variety of engagement rings, featuring both gold and diamond options. Our collection includes classic gold bands, radiant diamond settings, and combinations of the two, ensuring a perfect match for every individual's taste. In addition, you can expect an extensive design selection, ranging from the classic Solitaire rings to stunning halos that add an extra sparkle. We also offer two-stoned styles for added finesse and pave designs that stack beautifully with any wedding band.

How can I pair my engagement ring with a wedding band?

Pairing your engagement ring with a wedding band is a delightful process. Start by considering material compatibility for a seamless look. Matching metals create a cohesive appearance. Then, think about design harmony. If your engagement ring is intricate, opt for a simpler wedding band to highlight its beauty. Conversely, a more elaborate wedding band can complement a simple engagement ring. Additionally, explore our stacking visualisation function on our product listings which recommends wedding ring designs that go perfectly with your chosen engagement ring.

What payment and instalment methods does Love & Co. offer?

Love & Co. accepts payments through credit card, Shopback, Grab, and Atome. For those seeking flexibility, we provide instalment options via Shopback Paylater (3 months), Grab Paylater (4, 8, or 12 months), and Atome (3 months), available both online and in-store. Should you have any payment queries, please reach out to us at info@love-and-co.com.