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White gold contains real gold mixed with other metals to strengthen it and give it a silvery white colour. The metals commonly used to create white gold are silver, palladium, and zinc. Sometimes, platinum may also be used.

The amount of actual gold in white gold is indicated in the carat count. At Love & Co., we have a range of white gold products, including 10K white gold jewellery and 18K white gold rings. What this means is that 10K white gold would contain at least 41.7% of pure gold, while 18K white gold contains 75% pure gold.

For brightness, durability, and hypoallergenic reasons, rhodium plating is commonly added to coat white gold jewellery.

At first glance, white gold may look remarkably similar to platinum and silver jewellery thanks to its shiny, silvery-white appearance. However, all three are quite different in terms of durability, price, and even appearance.

White gold tends to have warmer undertones due to the colour of the gold itself, while platinum and silver tend to have cooler grey or white tones. White gold remains a popular option for wedding bands due to the balance of affordability, beauty, and durability.

White gold may discolour over time, but this is not due to chemical reactions of the white gold with its environment.

What really happens is that the rhodium plating on the surface of white gold jewellery wears off over time, revealing the slightly more off-white colour of white gold. In some cases, the colouration may be slightly yellow.

This wearing off of colour is normal for frequent wearers. To restore the white and shiny look of your white gold jewellery, you can take it to a jeweller for polishing and replating.

Like everyone else, you probably hope to enjoy the shine of your white gold jewellery for years. While it is natural for the plating to wear over time, you can prolong the appearance of your white gold jewellery with a proper jewellery care routine. Where possible, remove white gold jewellery before engaging in intensive activities that may cause rubbing, knocking, or scratching of the jewellery. We recommend cleaning your jewellery every once in a while to keep the shine. Love & Co. provides complimentary cleaning service for our jewellery. Should you require a thorough inspection and cleaning service, bring your ring to any of our physical stores islandwide.

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