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Lab Grown Diamonds

Why Lab Grown Diamonds

To all our conscious consumers, you probably know of the benefits of lab grown diamonds. To summarize, these are the main points on why you should consider a lab grown diamond.

Purity and Improved Quality

Lab grown diamonds are purer than the stones mined naturally, because unlike mined stones, synthetic diamonds do not have any dirt or impurities ingrained in them. They also have fewer defects, and show fewer signs of strain in their crystal structure because of their carefully controlled environmental conditions. Improved purity means that the diamond is poised to be brighter, better, and whiter.

Better for Your Budget

Lab grown diamonds are wallet friendly. Get more bling for the buck and fulfill her one carat dream with lab grown diamonds. In other words, you can get diamonds twice as big with the same investment.

Environmentally Friendly and Sustainable

Diamond mining can damage the earth substantially. Mining natural diamonds uses colossal amounts of fossil fuel: but synthetic diamonds have none of these issues. In fact, as the demand for diamonds continues to rise and the supply of mined diamonds dwindles, it is a far more sustainable choice to switch from mining diamonds to growing them. 

Lab grown diamonds cause little to no environmental damage, and are more affordable as well. Thus, it is evident that lab-grown diamonds offer a greater and better option for everyone involved, including the buyer, manufacturer, supplier, and the earth at large.

Fancy Colour Lab Grown Diamonds

If you are looking for coloured diamonds, now you can get them, all thanks to technology that lab-grown coloured diamonds are available at a fraction of their cost instead of the mined diamonds’ whose prices are inflated due to their rarity value. And what’s even better is that they are brighter and more perfect than natural coloured stones: lab-grown coloured diamonds are pure, steady in colour and easy to find.

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Lab Grown Diamonds

Discover the new generation of lab grown diamonds – equally as beautiful and precious as their mined counterparts

Lab Grown Diamonds

Discover the new generation of lab grown diamonds – equally as beautiful and precious as their mined counterparts

LVC Precieux Collection

Larger, fancier, and comes in a collection of colours. Discover the new generation of diamond engagement rings made only possible with science.

Made For You, By You

Our bespoke service allows you to build your ring from scratch. A visual and hands-on experience like no other.

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