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Engagement Rings

Explore our selection of meticulously crafted diamonds that shine beautifully on your finger. We provide a wide selection of diamond cuts, ranging from round brilliant to fancy cuts. 

Understanding the Types of Diamond Shapes

The diamond shape refers to the shape of the diamond’s outline when you look at it from the top-down. Every diamond shape has its own attributes and cut specifications, which also plays a large part in determining the overall appearance of the stone.

Round Cut Diamond

The round cut diamond is the most popular diamond shape. It is also known to be the classic cut for a diamond engagement ring. It has a symmetrical shape that consists of 57 facets, making it a brilliant cut diamond.

Princess Cut Diamond

Princess cut is the second most popular diamond shape. This specific cut has pointed corners and is traditionally known as a square-cut diamond. The profile or side-on appearance is similar to that of an inverted pyramid with four beveled sides.

Emerald Cut Diamond

What makes the emerald shape distinct is its pavilion, as it is cut with rectangular facets to create a unique optical appearance. Due to its large open table and step-cut pavilion, this shape highlights the clarity of a diamond. To add stability and prevent fractures, the corners of an Emerald Cut Diamond are usually cropped. 

Emerald cut diamonds vary from a square to a narrow rectangle shape.

Oval Cut Diamond

Oval cut diamonds have the brilliance of a round diamond, yet consists of an elongated round body. It typically has 58 facets with a ratio between 1.33 and 1.66. Oval diamonds can also enjoy a variety of proportions, allowing these versatile oblong diamonds to flatter most finger shapes. They are an elegant choice for many ring styles.

Pear Cut Diamond

The pear cut diamond, otherwise known as a teardrop diamond, is a combination of a round and a marquise shaped diamond with a tapered point on one end. It should have an excellent or very good symmetry as the point should line up with the apex of the rounded end. The shoulders and wings (the upper and lower curves on the right and left side of the diamond) should create uniform, symmetrical curves.

Every diamond shape has its own beauty, so choose the cut that best speaks to you.

Engagement Rings

Explore Love & Co.’s curated range of diamond rings – brighter and more beautiful than others.

Engagement Rings

Explore Love & Co.’s curated range of diamond rings – brighter and more beautiful than others.

LVC Precieux Collection

Larger, fancier, and comes in a collection of colours. Discover the new generation of diamond engagement rings made only possible with science.

Made For You, By You

Our bespoke service allows you to build your ring from scratch. A visual and hands-on experience like no other.

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