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1. Select Your Luxury

First, take your pick from 4 available previous metals – 18K white gold, 18K rose gold, 18K yellow gold and platinum.

2. Consider Its Width

Next, consider what you would like the thickness of your rings to be for your lifestyle.

Would you like a slim band which is about 3mm to complement your engagement ring? Or a thick dramatic band at 6.5mm in width for maximum impact?

3. Choose The Finishing Effect

Thirdly, choose how you would like the ring to look and feel on your hand. You can choose from effects like mixed brushed, sandstone, matte, glossy and more.

4. Set Your Diamonds

You’re almost done! Choose which setting you’d like from the various diamond settings available and carefully select which diamonds to be set into your ring.

5. Personalise Your Band

Lastly, immortalise your love on your bands with thumbprint impressions, photographs, handwritten love messages or even your signatures with our special laser-engraving technology.

Make your ring unique, just as you are.

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