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Figuring the right style to the right ring size

Become a diamond connoisseur in one session

The Love & Co. Consultation Experience

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  • Finally, I got my perfect ring to propose! It's everything I am looking for - design and the fact that it SPARKLES so much!
    - Louis K.
  • I'm really happy and would absolutely recommend Love & Co. to any of my friends taking that next step - because I know they will be in good hands
    - Shihui H.
  • Equally as attractive for a much more affordable price. Was truly convinced that my lab grown diamond ring is a worthy and sustainable purchase!
    - Heng C.
  • The quality of their wedding bands seem to be better than other ring jewelers I have visited. Their staff were also very friendly and helpful throughout the whole selection process.
    - Jim Y.
  • What I love about them is their patience and friendliness in advising us through the engagement ring buying process.
    - Wilson C.
  • I ABSOLUTELY love their designs. Also was served by really helpful sales staff who were super friendly and professional in their work.
    - Arlene T.
  • They always went the extra mile to ensure I was happy. The end product was even better than what I could have ever imagined!
    - Brendon C.

Gifts for Her

Timeless jewellery to celebrate special moments.

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Made with love to celebrate love

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Profess your undying love with a diamond that shines forth with its alluring sparkle and speaks volumes. Marvel at the beauty that comes with the Say Love™ diamond.

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We got a better way to do it now.

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A diamond promise from us to you.

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Can you spot the heart within the diamond?

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The pinnacle of modern love and perfection, let the Say Love™ diamond reconceptualise what it means to express love without words!
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Tongue-tied when confessing your love to her. There’s a better way to do it now.

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Introducing a curated collection of Love & Co. accessories – chic and vibrant to brighten up your day.

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