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LVC Promise (Slim) Diamond Engagement Ring in Rose Gold in 4 prongs - D1-0.57 | VS2 | H
Promise (Slim) Lab Diamond Engagement Ring in White Gold in 4 prongs- D1-0.78| VS2 | I
Promise (Slim) Lab Diamond Engagement Ring in Rose Gold in 4 prongs

Lovemarque Promise (Slim) Diamond Ring in 4 prongs

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Inspired by the notion of how rose symbolises the love that blooms for each other every single day, the Lovemarque collection is represented by an exclusive hallmark on the diamond laser-scripted with a special number. With each diamond carefully selected and cared for, celebrate your everlasting love with a ring from our signature Lovemarque collection.

The Lovemarque Promise (Slim) Diamond Ring is designed to represent a promise of love to your other half. Specially crafted with five grooves on the band, namely “Love”, “Devotion”, “Commitment”, “Bond” and “Happiness”, welcome in the next phase of your love journey with this contemporary and modern Promise (Slim) Diamond Ring.


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