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LVC Soleil Wedding Band in Matte and Glossy Finish with a Trio of Diamonds


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Shipped out by 5th June

Size Guide

Ring Size Guide

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HK Size Inside diameter (mm)
6 14.1
7 14.3
8 14.7
9 14.9
10 15.3
11 15.7
12 16.1
13 16.5
14 16.7
15 17.1
16 17.3
17 17.7
18 18.2
19 18.5
20 18.8
21 10.1
22 19.4
22 19.8

Love & Co. uses standard Hong Kong ring sizes as a guide. Refer to our measurement chart within the guide below. 

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Soleil, meaning “sun” in French, features a mix of different golds to resemble the warm rays of sunrise and moonlight. The collection signifies a new beginning, the start of a bright future between two individuals. Crafted in Germany, this collection utilizes new techniques to weld different types of gold at high temperatures. Akin to the passion of sun and moon, the LVC Soleil Collection is created to represent the passionate flame of love between lovers.

The Soleil Wedding Band is created as part of the moonlight series, representing a new beginning of love through clear sky and full moon. Completed with three diamond stones, it represents I love you in the past, today and forever. With its modern and elegant finishing, this wedding band is suited for young couples looking for something unique and stylish.

Ring Size Guide

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