The Most Romantic Diamond

Beautifully crafted, Romantically inscribed, Your perfect mark of love

Inspiration About the Rose

Roses have always been synonymous with ardour and to have it inscribed within your proposal diamond is a moving declaration of eternal love. The rose in the Lovemarque diamond truly immortalizes the solitaire as the object of love and romance.

The rose is an ancient symbol on number inscribed at its heart – of love and beauty, the two main elements for the perfect union.

Lovemarque Diamond

Gorgeous, rare, and unspeakably beautiful, the Lovemarque diamond is most exclusive and meaningful one you can find. Each and every Lovemarque diamond is meticulously cut and polished by master craftsmen with years of experience to ensure it sparkles with brilliance from every angles.

Alluring Design

There are rings styles to suit every taste and preference. Whether you prefer the simplicity of the solitaire taking centre stage on a white gold band, or surrounded by a beautiful halo of diamonds, you will find the right one for you.


The most romantic diamond deserves equally exquisite settings to do its brilliance justice.
All the settings in the Lovemarque collection have been carefully considered by
master craftsmen to bring out the resplendent beauty of the solitaire.