PUBLISHED: July 21, 2021

As you go about your day-to-day routine, whether that’s to the office or running a couple of errands, you’ll always need some lovely silver jewellery pieces to accompany you in style! Silver jewellery has long been a staple for many, and all with good reason. While it can be the basics to accessorising, styling your silver jewellery well can offer you that air of elegance – the finishing touches to any everyday outfit.

As a timeless classic, silver bracelets, rings and necklaces can be incredibly versatile in pairing them together for a personalised look. But, there is always the question of how to best style your everyday jewellery without being boring or even overdoing it?

If you’ve been safe-keeping a box full of stunning silver jewellery that you love, or need some confidence to shop for silver pieces to pair with your current ones, let us help you navigate silver styling with ease! These handy tips will offer you insights into how to best work with sterling silver, for you to bask in their shine and radiate with confidence.

1. Dress in the same spectrum of colours

Silver Jewellery, Singapore Silver Jewellery

As the perfect everyday accessory, silver is a complementary colour that works well with so many shades. So the spectrum of colours to choose from is large – mix and match your silver with outfits in black, white, cream, grey and brown shades. As a highly neutral colour, taking your pick among this spectrum is sure to let your silver sparkle and create that sophisticated look you’re looking for.

This one is for those looking for a subtle pop of colour to your accessories. Apart from matching perfectly within this colour spectrum, if you’re up for something chic, many have also said their silver jewellery pairs well with darker tones. When silver is worn over clothing in hues of navy blue, royal blue, burgundy and dark green,  the result is a greater sparkle to your treasured silver pieces.

2. Create your own style by stacking and layering silver

Afraid you’ll be restricted to colour-coding? Then fret not because this tip offers you more than enough choices to create your personalised style! Whether it’s your silver rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, or a combination of all, consider experimenting with contrasting shapes, lengths and textures for alluring and appealing layers of jewellery.

Pendants and necklaces

When layering your necklaces, a key tip is to mix chains of different lengths. Not only does this add visual interest, but these necklaces also draw looks up to your face. Have a couple of thin silver chains as your go-to accessories? Double up these thin and then, let these double chains pair and highlight the statement necklace you don on.

LVC Charmes Ava Oval Pendant

Silver Jewellery, Singapore Silver Jewellery

This delicate oval pendant carries elegance most simply. Coming in both sterling silver or sterling silver plated in rose gold, this charming necklace shines brilliantly and even comes with a complimentary silver chain to match.

LVC Moi Ligne Bar Pendant

Silver Jewellery, Singapore Silver Jewellery

Looking for a pendant to lengthen your stack? The LVC Moi Ligne Bar Pendant is an elegant vertical bar necklace that offers you more space to add some personality. Opt for a complimentary engraving of your initials or a special quote on it – truly a contemporary way to style your outfits.

LVC Carla Layered Link Necklace

Silver Jewellery, Singapore Silver Jewellery

If you’re looking for layers and a statement piece, this 47cm stunning necklace manages to strike a balance perfectly. Bold chains that are at the same time refined, this chunky chain elevates any everyday outfit with an edgy look. Pair this piece with any of the above pendant necklaces to complete the stack!

Bangles and bracelets

Stacking your silver bangles and bracelets are a ton of fun. This is where you can let loose because mixing various textures and shapes maximises the visual interest, as these chains move along your arm.

LVC Moi Embracing Bangle

Silver Jewellery, Singapore Silver Jewellery

Whether you wish to wear this bangle at the top or bottom of the stack, this highly adjustable LVC Moi Embracing Bangle will sit snugly on your arm, where you like it! The extremely polished surface radiates in the light and also offers you the space to personalise a message (of up to 10 characters) most dear to you.

LVC Moi Delicate Tennis Bracelet

Silver Jewellery, Singapore Silver Jewellery

Revel in this precious tennis bracelet with 38 cubic zirconia stones surrounding the polished vertical bar – which is also customisable to make it a piece you can call your own. Sophisticated yet easy to wear, this bracelet is perfect for your everyday look.


Creating your style is all in the details – so for that, you can’t leave out styling with gorgeous silver rings. Just like bracelets and bangles, you don’t need to stress over stacking your rings; they can be mixed in as many combinations as you can think of. Coupling rings together also adds a funky vibe to your look.

The only tip to bear in mind is to avoid overloading one finger with more than one statement piece. If that statement piece is your jaw-dropping diamond engagement ring, you’d want to give it enough attention to shine.

LVC Signum Rectangular Ring

Silver Jewellery, Singapore Silver JewelleryTaking a twist on traditional signet rings, this edgy rectangular shaped ring with a glossy finish is the ideal statement ring for both him and her. Engrave a special date (up to 5 characters) on the ring to wear it with confidence.

LVC Moi Chic Circle Ring

Silver Jewellery, Singapore Silver Jewellery

Just like the LVC Moi Embracing Bangle, this trendy LVC Moi Chic Circle Ring is highly adjustable to glide onto any of your fingers. Similarly, there’s the option to engrave up to 4 characters right next to the cubic zirconia stone on the polished surface.

3. Colours to avoid wearing with silver jewellery

While silver does go well with various colours, there are a couple of shades you can avoid to let your sterling silver shine through. Avoid clothing in bright or rainbow colours: these hues hide the shine and delicate details on the metal. Pastel colours are another category to steer clear of as silver quickly loses its visibility when worn over pastel; the metal might look pale in comparison.

As much as neon clothing can be trendy, it’s best not to pair them with your alluring silver pieces. Not only might the neon colours outshine the silver jewellery, but they make the entire look appear messy or cheap.


Silver Jewellery, Singapore Silver Jewellery

Have a better idea of how to personalise your silver-wearing to add both fun and personality? Then, explore our extensive range of brilliant silver jewellery online here at Love & Co.! Be sure to check out our specially curated LVC 9TwentyFive silver collection, created to impress with the most classy and stylish 925 sterling silver jewellery.

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