Sophistication meets whimsy with Love & Co.’s selection of diamond earrings. From classic everyday studs to dainty gold drop earrings, explore our curated online collection of earrings to add that sparkle to your outfits.

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Exquisite Styles For Each Pair of Earrings

Indulge in a spectrum of styles as our collection unfolds a diverse array of diamond earrings to complement every preference and occasion. Whether you choose our hoops, studs, ear cuffs, or drop chains, each design unveils a unique narrative encapsulated in fine craftsmanship. 

With a medley of designs for every soul, discover how tradition and contemporary merge to elevate your unique style. Our earrings selection includes designs inspired by adorable hearts, playful stars, classic ecliptic shapes, sweet ribbons, and artfully twisted hoops. Each design embodies a sense of elegance in its simplicity. From studs to hoops, our earrings are designed with high-quality materials, including 10K, 14K, 18K and 24K gold, as well as the enduring 925 sterling silver. In addition, explore a palette of enchanting colours, from the romantic allure of rose gold to the contemporary elegance of dual-toned pieces. 

The Perfect Pairing

Every occasion turns into a celebration with the right pair of earrings accentuating your features. Our earrings are not just adornments, but expressions of love, milestones, and personal style, making them perfect jewellery gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, or any celebratory moments. 

Complete your ensemble with matching bracelets and necklaces, each telling a profound story. Elevate your look with a stunning diamond ring, the crowning glory that ties it all together. Our collection exudes versatility and curated elegance, offering the perfect pairing, whether it's a quietly elegant stud or a glamorous drop diamond earring. These pieces are ready to grace both special events and everyday moments with their timeless beauty.

Upon placing your order online, you can enjoy hassle-free delivery to any residential address in Singapore, in five to seven working days. An express delivery option is on offer, ensuring your items reach you within one to three working days.


Frequently Asked Questions About Earrings

What are different types of earrings called?

Common types of earrings include studs, hoops, ear cuffs as well as drop or dangle earrings. Each type has a unique design and way of adorning the ear, offering a range of styles to choose from based on personal preferences.

Stud earrings: Characterised by their simplistic design, where a diamond or other gemstones is mounted on a small post that goes through the earlobe.

Hoops: Encompass a circular or semi-circular design, adding a classic yet versatile touch to various outfits.

Ear cuffs: Wrap around the outer cartilage of the ear, providing a trendy, modern look without the need for a pierced ear.

Drop or dangle earrings: Extend below the lobe and can vary in length, offering a more dramatic or elegant flair suitable for both casual and formal occasions.

How can I maintain the daily sparkle of my diamond earrings?

To keep your diamond earrings gleaming with daily radiance, follow these simple maintenance tips. 

Avoid contact with cosmetics, lotions, and hairspray to prevent a buildup of residue. 

Regularly clean them with a mild solution of water and gentle detergent, using a soft brush to remove dirt and grime. 

Store your earrings in a separate compartment or pouch to prevent scratches. 

Have your diamond earrings professionally cleaned and inspected periodically to ensure their brilliance and security. 

With these care practices, your diamond earrings will continue to shine as beautifully as the day you received them. Read more tips on keeping your jewellery scratch-free here.

Are diamond stud earrings still in style?

Yes, diamond stud earrings are timeless and continue to be in style. Their simplistic elegance, versatility, and the sparkle of diamonds make them a perennial favourite. Pairing impeccably with diamond necklaces, they create a coherent and classy look. These earrings complement a variety of outfits and occasions too, providing a subtle hint of luxury and sophistication, thus becoming a staple in many jewellery collections.

What is unique about Love & Co.’s earrings?
Love & Co.'s earrings are renowned for their exceptional and distinct designs. Our collection features a diverse array of styles, from elegant studs to captivating hoops and intricate ear cuffs, each bearing a unique narrative. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, our earrings showcase fine craftsmanship that ensures not only their beauty but also their durability. Just like our necklaces, our earrings are not mere accessories; they are expressions of individuality and style. They can narrate your story through their artistry and craftsmanship, encapsulating moments of joy and heartfelt memories with every elegant curve and sparkling facet.