Hoop Earrings

Make a statement with classic hoops for your everyday wear. Modern and trendy, hoop earrings effortlessly blend the traditional with the contemporary. They are more than stylish jewellery; they are a testament to simplicity and continue to be a favourite, gracing the ears of women from Singapore to global shores.

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Discover the Perfect Hoop with Love & Co.

Diamonds are at the heart of Love & Co.’s earring collection, illuminating our dedication to elegance and quality. From the shimmering cascade of LVC Eterno Diamond Hoops to the delicate sparkle of Charmes X Diamond Hoop Earrings, our assortment captures the multifaceted charm of the modern woman.

Yet, while diamonds dominate our range, the LVC Charmes Twisted Gold Hoop Earrings stand as a testament to our versatility, offering a contemporary twist to the simple gold hoop. Each piece in our collection is crafted with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring a blend of high-quality materials and impeccable design.

Dive into our diverse range of hoop earrings. Whether you're in search of the perfect diamond-studded statement or the understated elegance of 18K gold, Love & Co. is your destination — for small and chunky pairs alike. 

Let every piece tell a story of timeless charm. Find your ideal pair of hoop earrings today.

Frequently Asked Questions about Hoop Earrings

What sets Love & Co.'s hoop earrings apart from other brands?
Love & Co.'s hoop earrings are distinct for their blend of superior craftsmanship, ensuring durability and timeless style. While many brands offer hoop earrings, ours excel in intricate detailing, the brilliance of our diamonds, and innovative designs that resonate with the contemporary woman. Each piece is not only an embodiment of elegance but also made to last, reflecting our commitment to quality in every detail.
What can I style my hoop earrings with?

Hoop earrings offer a versatile style that can be beautifully paired with various jewellery pieces. You can create a chic and coordinated look by styling your hoop earrings with complementary ear studs. Here are some tips:

  • Matching Metal Studs: For a classic and elegant look, pair your gold hoop earrings with matching gold studs. This combination creates a cohesive and sophisticated appearance that works well for both casual and formal occasions.

  • Diamond Studs: If you have diamond-accented hoop earrings, consider complementing them with diamond studs. Choose studs with a metal setting that matches the colour of your hoops (gold or silver) to enhance the overall sparkle and add a touch of luxury to your style.

  • Mixed Metals: To add a trendy and eclectic element to your style, experiment with mixed metals. If you have gold hoop earrings, try pairing them with silver or rose gold studs. Mixing metals can create a unique and visually appealing contrast.

Are Love & Co. hoop earrings available in different sizes and styles?
Indeed, we pride ourselves on the diversity of our collection. From demure small hoops that whisper of elegance to bold chunky designs that demand attention — and from the glitter of diamonds to the purity of 18K gold — our range of hoop earrings caters to every aesthetic and occasion.
How can I be sure of the quality of the gold used in Love & Co.’s hoop earrings?
At Love & Co., we ensure the quality of our gold hoop earrings through rigorous quality control processes. Our 10K and 18K gold earrings are crafted to meet high standards of purity and durability. Rest assured, each piece is a testament to our commitment to enduring craftsmanship and unwavering excellence.
What is the pricing range for Love & Co.'s hoop earrings?
Our collection of hoop earrings offers a spectrum of choices, with prices starting at $299. Every price point reflects our commitment to quality and design, allowing you to buy an exquisite pair that aligns with your budget.