Women’s Wedding Bands

A woman's wedding band is more than just a piece of jewellery; it's a profound symbol of love and commitment. That's why Love & Co. offers a stunning collection of wedding rings for her intended to celebrate your unique love story and journey.

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Uncover the Perfect Complement to Your Love Story

From classic elegance to modern sophistication, our exquisite designer wedding bands are crafted to meet every style and personality, making them the perfect choice for any bride’s special day. Marriage isn’t just the solemnisation ceremony or reception – it’s a journey with your other half that spans an eternity. Your wedding ring should reflect the beauty and significance of this occasion, while also being a symbol of love that stands the test of time. Each Love & Co. wedding band for her is a blend of exceptional craftsmanship and timeless design, marking the commencement of a new stage in your relationship. Explore variations including:

  • Gold wedding rings: The warmth and elegance of classic gold wedding rings make them a timeless choice. Select from 14K or 18K gold options to suit your style. Alternatively, explore our latest 24K gold rings from the LVC 9IN collection.

  • Diamond wedding rings: Add a touch of glamour to your bridal ensemble with a bold diamond wedding band, designed to capture the light and radiate brilliance.

  • Platinum diamond wedding bands: Consider the LVC Purete collection that is hypoallergenic, making them ideal for wearers with sensitive skin.


Frequently Asked Questions About Women's Wedding Bands

Does the bride choose her own wedding bands?
Absolutely! While traditionally the groom was expected to select both the engagement ring and wedding band, many modern couples today now choose his and her wedding rings together. It’s a meaningful way to ensure that both rings match the respective partner’s personalities perfectly, while also creating opportunities to include subtle nods to inside jokes or significant moments in the relationship.
Can a woman just wear a wedding band?

Certainly. Many women choose to wear just a wedding band as part of their everyday jewellery set, particularly if they prefer a simpler, more understated look. A wedding band alone is a beautiful symbol of marriage and commitment, and does not need to be accompanied by the engagement ring in order to truly shine. However, for a glam night out or a dinner event, you may consider stacking it with your engagement ring for a statement look.

How much should a woman's wedding band cost?

The cost of a woman's wedding band can vary widely depending on factors like the type of metal, presence of gemstones or diamonds, and design complexity. At Love & Co., we offer a range of options to suit different budgets, ensuring that every bride can find a wedding ring she loves. Our wedding bands under $1000 are an affordable way to celebrate this once-in-a-lifetime commitment, without worrying about breaking the bank.

Should a women's wedding band be gold?

Gold is a traditional and popular choice for women's wedding rings due to its timeless beauty and durability. However, there are no strict rules. Some women may opt for other metals like platinum or even mixed metal rings for a unique look, such as our crossover wedding rings featuring two-tone rose and white gold.

Is 14K or 18K gold better for a wedding ring?
Both 14K and 18K gold are excellent choices for wedding rings. The main difference is that 18K gold has more pure gold content, giving it a brighter shine. However, 14K gold is a bit tougher and may be better if you have an active lifestyle or work with your hands a lot. Your choice depends on your style and how you plan to wear the ring.