47.7 13.8 9 -
48.7 15.5 10 4.5
49.9 49.9 11 5
50.9 16.2 12 5.5
52.1 16.6 13 6
53.1 16.9 14 6.5
54.3 17.3 15 7
55.6 17.7 16 7.5
56.5 18.0 17 8
57.5 18.3 18 -
58.7 18.7 19 8.5
59.7 19.0 20 9
60.9 19.4 21 9.5
Determine Your Ring Size


    1. Find a strip of paper that is at least 10cm long.
    2. Wrap it around your finger.
    3. Use a pen or maker to mark the point where the end meet.
    4. Lay the paper on the ruler and annotate the measurement in millimetre (mm).
    5. Use the table below to discover your ring size.


    1. Select a ring that properly fits the intended finger.
    2. Place the ring over the circles below, matching the inside edge of the ring to the circle nearest in size. This measurement refers to the inside diameter of the ring.
    3. If the ring falls between two sizes, order the larger size. svg * { stroke: #6C6C6C !important; } svg * { stroke: !important; } { color: ; transition: color .3s ease; }DOWNLOAD SIZING TOOL
Length (CM)
Determine Your Necklace and Pendant Size
    1. Necklace and pendant comes in a huge variety of lengths.
    2. By default, our pendants come in a 40cm chain. For ladies who like to style up and stack their pendants, they can opt for longer chains 45cm and above.
Determine Your Bracelet Size

    An average south east asian lady is about 5-5.5 inch in wrist circumference, so a bracelet of 16cm will be suitable.

    1. To measure the circumference of your wrist, wrap a string around the smallest part of your wrist, right above your wrist bone.
    2. Mark where the ends meet with a marker or pen.
    3. Lay the length of the string flat next to a ruler and add 1-2cm to note down the measurement to get the size.
Determine Your Bangle Size
    1. Make a fist.
    2. Measure the distance of the 2 furthest knuckles with a string or measuring tape.
    3. Note down the measurement and this will be the diameter you need.
LVC Purete Eternity Wedding Band with Diamonds in Platinum
LVC Purete Eternity Wedding Band with Diamonds in Platinum
LVC Purete Eternity Wedding Band with Diamonds in Platinum

LVC Purete Eternity Wedding Band with Diamonds in Platinum

23 Diamonds - 0.12 Carat in Total, Size: 10


Ring Size:

11 svg * { stroke: #6C6C6C !important; } svg * { stroke: !important; } { color: ; transition: color .3s ease; }Size Guide
Free shipping for orders over $100
Available for in-store collection
Complimentary exchange available in 30 days

Featuring an exclusive collection of naturally white platinum wedding bands, our LVC Purete collection are hand-finished with excellent craftsmanship, making it hypoallergenic and ideal for those with sensitive skin. Artfully combining sophistication and simplicity, celebrate your rarest and purest love with distinct and timeless ring styles.

The LVC Purete Eternity Wedding Band is designed with a curved row of stunning diamonds to represent your everlasting love to that special someone. Crafted in platinum, this durable wedding band represents your purest and rarest love lasting for a lifetime. Step into the next phase of your love journey with this durable Purete Eternity Wedding Band.


Category: Wedding Bands

Gender: For Her

Material: Platinum 

Diamonds: 23 Diamonds 

Carat Weight: 0.12 Carat in Total 

Collection Name: LVC Purete 

Design Code: LDW572B


Standard Delivery (5-7 working days) – Free for orders $100 and above, $5 for orders below $100

Store Collection (5-7 working days) – Free 


Experience the joy of fine jewellery all around. Enjoy a 1-to-1 personalised consultation at your availability and find your dream jewellery that you can call your own.

Frequently Asked
01What are the most popular women’s wedding band styles?

Classic ladies’ wedding bands are still hugely popular because of their wearable nature and affordability. Keeping everyday wear in mind, most women choose subtle designs such as contrasting finishes, a twist design, or an eternity ring type of design. The wishbone or V-shape ring is also popular for ladies who want to wear their engagement ring and wedding band together. Personalising the rings with engravings like their wedding date or initials is also a popular way to make the wedding bands more unique and meaningful. Or, if you have something very specific in mind, we welcome you to design your own bespoke wedding bands!

02How much should I spend on a women’s wedding band?

How much you spend on the wedding band is really up to you! The cost of a women’s wedding band can range between $600 to $3000 or even more. On average, most people spend about $1000 or slightly more. Expect to budget more for the wedding band if you are looking at rings with diamonds, complex designs, or rings with premium materials, such as platinum rings.

03How do I know what women’s wedding ring size to get?

Getting the right fit is so important when it comes to rings! Here are a few ways to measure your ring size:

1. Visit us in-store and let our consultants take a professional measurement for you.

2. Request a complimentary ring-sizer at any of our stores and use it to measure your finger size.

3. Follow the instructions in our ring size guide for more do-it-yourself methods.

04Which finger should the women’s wedding ring be worn on?

The modern Western convention is to wear the wedding ring on the left hand, on the fourth finger counting from the thumb. However, if you follow a different custom, there may be other conventions for ring wearing, such as wearing it on the fourth finger of the right hand instead.

05Should the wedding band and engagement ring be worn together?

You can wear the wedding band and engagement ring together if you choose to. The conventional way of wearing them together is to stack them both on the ring finger of the left hand. The wedding band goes on first, at the bottom, followed by the engagement ring on top. However, how you choose to wear it is really up to your own comfort and style! Some women choose to wear their wedding bands daily and only wear the engagement ring for special occasions. Others may wear the engagement ring on the right hand rather than stack both rings.


LVC Purete Eternity Wedding Band with Diamonds in Platinum

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