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General & Our Diamonds

Why choose Love & Co.?
Love – courtship, the flutters, marriage, and creating memories as a duo is truly one of the most beautiful journeys a human being can experience. At Love & Co., we believe in jewellery as an expression of joy, and a collection of heartfelt memories shared together as a couple. Every design represented by Love & Co. is thoughtfully crafted down to the details so we can create meaningful and quality jewellery at every price point.
How do I get notified for any special events, sale or happenings at Love & Co.?
Hear it first! You can get first hand updates on sales, product launches and special events when you subscribe to our newsletter. To subscribe to our newsletter, simply scroll to the footer on our website and let us have your email address.

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What is the difference between sustainably sourced lab diamonds and traditionally mined diamonds?
Lab grown diamonds and traditional mine diamonds have the chemical composition, physical structure and optical properties which is impossible to differentiate from the naked eye. Just like a fish that is reared in a farm versus a fish that is caught from the wild, there is no identifiable difference between lab grown diamonds and mined diamonds. The only difference is their origin or the way the diamond is created.
How are diamonds at Love & Co. different from other sellers?
Every Love & Co. diamond is of the highest quality, with close to zero hints of impurities. Our lab diamonds are created using Chemical Vapour Deposition (CVD) method, which produces a better quality diamond (Type IIA), the top 2% of the world's diamonds. Other than the traditional 4Cs metrics, our perfect cut diamonds are evaluated for its highest grade light performance, proving its beauty.

As a leading bridal jewellery brand in Singapore, Love & Co. is represented by our signature Say Love™ Diamond, a stunning and first-of-its-kind diamond as a heartful declaration of love in all forms. Combining the round brilliant cut and the beloved heart cut, the Say Love™ diamond is crafted to the highest standards by master craftsmen to reveal a dazzling heart at the pavilion and table of the diamond. A true representation of expressing love without words. Click here to learn more about our Say Love™ Diamond.
Can I get a fancy shape diamond (pear, princess, oval and emerald cut) at Love & Co.?
Yes, other than traditional round diamonds cuts, you can get a fancy shape diamond at Love & Co. A fancy shape diamond refers to any diamond shape that is not of a round brilliant cut. Love & Co. offers a total of 5 diamond shapes, namely round, oval, princess, pear and emerald, that can best reflect your unique style and love story.

You can learn more about our diamond shapes here or simply head down to any of our stores to view our fancy shape diamond rings.
Are diamonds at Love & Co. certified?
A diamond certificate is a formal report issued by an accredited independent gemological laboratory, which lists gemological information about the diamond’s characteristics such as carat weight, measurements, cut, colour, and clarity. All Love & Co. diamonds of 0.30 carat and above are certified by reputable certification houses, for instance, International Gemological Institute (IGI) and De Beers Group Institute of Diamonds (IOD).
How do I choose my diamonds?
With the extensive range of diamonds, we understand that you might be feeling overwhelmed in finding the right diamond. As always, you can reach out to us at for assistance in your diamond choosing process. Alternatively, feel free to book an appointment and enjoy a 1-to-1 personalised consultation with our friendly store consultants.

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