Diamond Eternity Rings & Bands

Commemorate you and your sweetheart’s endless love with an Eternity ring. With a dazzling row of brilliant diamonds, Eternity is the perfect style to symbolise an everlasting commitment to that special someone. Explore statement wedding bands for women to flaunt your love story for a lifetime.

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Exquisite Eternity Rings For A Love That Lasts

Adorn your loved one’s finger with a diamond Eternity ring. These bands are adorned with a continuous line of gemstones or diamonds around the ring – truly a testament of timeless love.

Our Eternity collection comes in white gold, rose gold, and duo-tones to suit every style. Whether you prefer the timeless elegance of diamonds set in white gold or the contemporary charm of rose gold, we have something for every woman. 

At Love & Co., we believe every couple's journey is unique, rich with its narrative and sentiment. From selecting the type and arrangement of diamonds to customising engravings that encapsulate significant moments, couples can select rings that speak to the distinctiveness of their love stories.

Buy an Eternity ring and seal your forever promise with Love & Co.. Each piece is available for collection at our stores in Singapore or can be delivered to your doorstep within five to seven working days.

Frequently Asked Questions About Diamond Eternity Rings & Bands

What is the significance of an eternity ring?

An eternity ring stands as a symbol of unending love and commitment, typically marked by a continuous circle of gemstones like diamonds. It’s a popular choice for commemorating significant anniversaries and milestones in a couple’s journey, such as a first wedding anniversary gift.

When is the right time to give an eternity ring?

There's no fixed rule. However, eternity rings are often worn as wedding bands, or gifted during joyous occasions like an anniversary gift, after the birth of a child, or other significant events to renew or strengthen commitment. Some couples may even select an eternity ring as a wedding ring upgrade during anniversary milestones like the 10th, 25th and 45th year of marriage.

Can I customise my Eternity ring to make it unique?

Yes, we provide engraving services for selected Eternity rings. Feel free to contact us at info@love-and-co.com or visit our stores for more inquiries about engraving a message, picture, or thumbprint. Do note that any engravable products purchased online must be brought to the store within two weeks of purchase for engraving, and comes with an additional cost

What metals are available for eternity bands, and how do I choose the right one?

We offer a stunning array of metals for our Eternity rings, including white gold, rose gold, and a mixture of both. 

Choosing the right metal depends on one’s personal preference. White gold has a modern appeal and offers a silvery look. It's a popular choice for those who prefer a blend of contemporary and classic style. Meanwhile, rose gold’s pinkish hue is an excellent choice for those who want something unique yet elegant. For those who can't decide, what about choosing duo-tone Eternity rings, which are the best of both worlds?

What are the different styles of eternity rings at Love & Co.?
We offer a diverse range, including full eternity rings with continuous diamonds and half eternity rings, each meticulously crafted for elegance and durability.
What is the pricing range for Love & Co.'s Eternity rings?
Our Eternity rings cater to various preferences and budgets. Simple, elegant pieces are available from S$799, while more elaborate designs can go over S$1,000. If you wish to view our full range of Eternity rings, we invite you to head down to a Love & Co. boutique near you or book an appointment with a dedicated consultant who can assist you.
Do you provide cleaning and maintenance services for Eternity rings?

Yes, the brilliance of your Eternity ring is our enduring commitment. We provide comprehensive lifetime complimentary cleaning and maintenance services, ensuring that your symbol of unending love continues to sparkle forever. Explore our Jewellery Care guide for more details on how you can maintain your diamond Eternity band.