Determining the correct ring size can be a challenging task, but don't worry. Love & Co. is here to guide you with our comprehensive chart and tips on how to know your ring size or that of your partner’s.

Printable Ring Size Chart

Want to find out how ring sizes are measured? Our printable size chart offers different methods for you to discover yours or your partner's ring size. When printing the PDF, make sure Page Scaling is set to "None."

How to measure your ring size with a piece of paper

  1. Find a strip of paper that is at least 10cm long.

  2. Wrap it around your finger.

  3. Use a pen or maker to mark the point where the end meet.

  4. Lay the paper on the ruler and annotate the measurement in millimetre (mm).

  5. Use the table in the ring size chart to discover your ring size.

How to measure your ring size using your current ring

  1. Select a ring that properly fits the intended finger.

  2. Place the ring over the circles in the ring size chart, matching the inside edge of the ring to the circle nearest in size. This measurement refers to the inside diameter of the ring.

  3. If the ring falls between two sizes, order the larger size.

Tips and tricks

  • The best time to measure ring sizes is at the end of the day, at normal room temperature.
  • Wedding bands and engagement rings are worn on the fourth finger on the left hand; ensure that your measurement is taken on the right finger.
  • Know the average ring size – if you have not figured out the exact ring size, you may opt for the average as a safe bet: Female (HK Size 11-12), Male (HK Size 18-19).

If you are planning for a surprise proposal, try to measure your partner’s ring finger with a string while they are asleep. You can also use one of their existing rings and measure its diameter or circumference.

Request for a ring sizer in-stores

Looking to measure ring sizes in person? Request a complimentary Love & Co. ring sizer during your store visit. Our experts will demonstrate how to get an accurate ring size and introduce you to our exclusive range of diamond rings and more.

Got the wrong ring size?

At Love & Co, we believe in curating a meaningful proposal experience for you and your partner here in Singapore. We offer complimentary ring resizing of up to three sizes on most of our rings. Be sure to check in with any of our consultants if you need assistance.
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Frequently Asked Questions About Ring Sizing

How does one ensure accurate ring size measurement online?
When using an online ring size measurement tool, it's crucial to calibrate your screen and follow the guide instructions meticulously to ensure accuracy.
What tools are commonly used to find out ring sizes?
Typical tools range from paper and string methods to specialised ring sizers available at jewellery stores. Love & Co. offers free ring sizers in-store to provide our shoppers with the most accurate results.
How can I maintain the size and fit of my ring?
Over time, rings may need adjustments. Regular cleaning and inspections can help maintain the right size, preventing any unexpected resizing needs.
Does resizing a ring weaken it?
While resizing a ring involves altering its original structure, when done professionally and with precision, the integrity of the ring can be well-maintained. The process entails cutting, bending, and re-soldering the band. This means you will want to work with a jeweller that employs meticulous techniques to ensure the ring retains its durability and allure. It's always best to consult with our skilled artisans who can guide you through a safe resizing process, ensuring your cherished piece remains a lasting emblem of your treasured moments.
What should I do if I am between ring sizes?
If you find yourself between ring sizes, it's generally advisable to opt for the larger size for a comfortable fit. However, you can also consider having a custom-sized ring made to ensure the perfect fit. A professional jeweller can provide valuable guidance in such instances, helping you make a decision that suits your comfort and style.
What is the difference between the US ring size and the Singapore ring size?
The primary difference between the US and Singapore ring sizing systems lies in their numerical scaling. US ring sizes are denoted in whole and half numbers, whereas Singapore ring sizes are often denoted in whole numbers but are generally larger in value. The numerical value of a Singapore ring size is about double that of a US ring size, give or take a small variance. It's essential to refer to a reliable ring size conversion chart or seek assistance from a professional jeweller to ensure an accurate conversion and a perfect fit for your ring.
What is the average ring size?
The average ring size can vary widely among individuals and different populations. In Singapore, for women, common ring sizes often range from size 10 to 14, while for men, sizes 16 to 20 are more typical. Despite these general ranges, the most accurate way to check for your precise ring size is to have a professional fitting at a jewellery store. This ensures a comfortable and accurate fit, allowing your ring to sit comfortably and complement your hand beautifully.