PUBLISHED: December 09, 2022

Say you've mulled it over and have finally picked the perfect diamond ring of her dreams. It's high time to start brainstorming how you're going to get down on one knee!

The holiday season lends a magical ambience, and the long, chilly nights bring forth our romantic sides. Granted, it's the Northeast Monsoon season in Singapore right now. But if you're on a snowy winter getaway this festive season, it's difficult to resist getting caught up in the moment when Christmas lights are twinkling, snow is falling, and the overall yuletide spirit is in full force. With all the merrymaking, it only makes sense that among the most prime time to propose is around Christmas.

Although you might not be the only one to propose over the winter holidays, you'll want to ensure that your proposal is as spectacular and one-of-a-kind as your love story. In the spirit of the season, here are six romantically unique surprise Christmas proposal ideas!

Before Christmas Day

Before Christmas Day

If you’re looking to prolong the joyous occasion across the holiday season, perhaps these ideas might just do the trick;

1. Put the ring in a bauble as decoration

A tradition that most households look forward to during Christmas time is decorating the Christmas tree. While she may anticipate a ring under the tree, she likely won't expect one on it! Now, there are two ways you can go about doing this, both just as romantic as the other.

- Hand her the bauble when you’re decorating together

Decorating the Christmas tree can be just as intimate as it is enjoyable. As you pass her the baubles and other ornaments for the tree, hand her the ring-filled bauble as the finishing touch. Then, get down on one knee as she opens the bauble to reveal the sparkly ring.

- Don’t hang the decoration up until the desired day

Naturally, wait to hang this personalised bauble until the moment you'd want your partner to discover it. Asking if they have noticed anything odd about the tree recently is a great way to prompt your non-observant partner – she'll certainly be surprised beyond words!

2. Paying homage to the advent calendar tradition

Paying homage to the advent calendar tradition

If anything can be said about proposals, it's that while they are a magical moment that includes a great rush of emotion experienced, it's over in an instant and you're now engaged. As much as possible, you'd want your proposal to be as unforgettable and sweet as the perfect engagement ring you've picked out for her. That said, why not amp up the festivity with a personalised advent calendar to extend the beautiful occasion throughout the Christmas period? With the million-dollar question kept for the large door on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day (along with the engagement ring), all the other doors could provide the reasons you love and admire your lover. You can also throw in a few hints through little gifts here and there, such as bridal jewellery – it'll guarantee to keep your beloved on her toes! If you’d like to throw her off to keep the surprise factor, you can also include other jewellery, like a diamond bracelet.

Alternatively, you can incorporate the '12 Days of Christmas' custom into your proposal by gifting your significant other smaller presents first, like the ones mentioned above. When the 12th day of Christmas arrives, it's time to present the sweet love ring with a diamond!

3. A magical proposal on ice

Spelling out the proposal on the snowy ground would've been ideal if Singapore had winter, but alas, one could only dream. Sad feelings aside, that doesn't mean there are no alternatives near ice!

What pastime embodies the holiday season more than ice skating? If you consider yourself to have the skating moves of a professional, impress your partner with a romantic proposal while showing off your skills on the rink! But if you're more of a humble beginner, getting down on one knee to pop the big question is also a terrific way to avoid a catastrophic fall.

On Christmas Day

On Christmas Day

If you’re the romantic maestro looking to bring romance to the next level on Christmas Day, here are some ways you can propose to your sweetheart;

1. Jot it down in a heartfelt Christmas card

This proposal idea might seem a little understated at first. However, if you have a knack for words and your significant other tends to shy away from big gestures, you can always send them a special Christmas card.

While writing them a traditional card replete with affirmations of your commitment and undying love, you can also choose to get imaginative and pen a short Christmas-themed poem. Whichever one you decide to go for, one thing stays the same: writing from the heart.

Additionally, you may want to consider reading it to her (or have her read it aloud) if she's the type to skim at the end first – you wouldn't want to accidentally have your surprise marriage proposal ruined!

2. Place the ring in her stocking

Place the ring in her stocking

While it might be a touch corny, there's no denying this adorable proposal idea. All there is to it is to ensure you place the ring box at the very bottom of her stocking. That way, she saves the best for last when you settle down to open the gifts in your stockings on Christmas morning.

3. Hide a special gift under the Christmas tree

We're going back to basics here, but it could still be a surprise, especially if she's not expecting a proposal anytime soon. If you plan on gifting her jewellery as part of your Christmas gifts for her, then the engagement ring will definitely come off as a surprise. Gifting her an engagement ring as the main present is romantic enough on its own, and it will undeniably make for a lovely Christmas morning. The only thing to keep in mind is to save this surprise for last.


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