Crossover Wedding Bands

Representing the intertwining of two unique stories, crossover wedding bands add a modern edge to the traditional wedding ring. The curved arcs symbolise your paths joining together into a new, shared journey ahead.

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Design Options

Love & Co. crossover wedding bands are crafted with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that each piece represents the union of your hearts and souls in a bond that will endure the tests of time. Graceful arcs seamlessly cross over each other in these wedding rings. Further accompanied by artful and sparkly diamonds, they leave a mesmerising aura that makes them more than the sum of their parts.

Explore our collection and find the perfect symbol for your unique journey together:

  • Classic designs: For those who appreciate timeless elegance, our classic crossover diamond ring designs are a perfect choice. Interwoven curves lay bare the simplicity of your commitment, marrying lightweight functionality with a touch of glimmering clarity.
  • Modern styles: For a more modern look, one can explore our range of contemporary options, bearing studded diamond inlays and bold geometric curves. Sleek lines and innovative patterns combine to form a bold statement of your unique love story.
  • Customisation: No two love stories are the same, and your wedding bands should reflect the uniqueness of your shared past, present, and future. Engraving personal details such as initials, special dates, or meaningful symbols imbue each ring with a sweet reminder of memories made together.

Frequently Asked Questions About Crossover Wedding Bands

What materials are Love & Co.'s crossover wedding bands made of?
Love & Co. crossover wedding bands are crafted from the finest materials, including highly durable 14K and 18K gold. You can be assured that your ring retains its shape, shine and sparkle for years to come.
Can I customise my crossover wedding band to make it unique?
Love & Co. does not provide customisation options in design or appearance for crossover wedding bands. Our boutiques do offer size adjustments and engraving services to help tailor your ring to your unique style. Book an appointment with any Love & Co. boutique near you today to engage our sizing and engraving services, or to find out more about our wedding bands.
How does pricing for crossover wedding bands work?

Priced fairly and transparently, taking into consideration factors such as diamond quantity and size, gold quality, and craftsmanship, our crossover wedding bands are one of our top favourites. We offer a range of options to suit different budgets, ensuring that every couple can find their perfect symbol of love. Couples on a budget can consider our range of wedding bands under $1000, which encompass a variety of styles including crossover wedding rings, bold gold bands, and classic wedding band sets.

Is there a difference between men's and women's crossover wedding bands in terms of design?

While both men's and women's crossover wedding bands share the same symbolic design of two intertwining curves, they may vary in width and detailing to suit individual preferences. Women’s wedding rings may also include diamonds for an added sparkle, while men’s wedding bands tend to be simpler without any diamonds or gemstones. The versatile and modern look of a curved wedding band also lends itself easily to matching couple wedding bands, be it for your special day or as a milestone celebration.

However, we encourage you to find the perfect band to celebrate your love, without compromising on your unique style and aesthetic tastes. Couples with a strong creative inclination can also consider booking an appointment with us or visiting our stores to discuss personalisation requests.