PUBLISHED: October 02, 2023

Love is a journey, and couples' jewellery is a beautiful way to commemorate each step. From those early days of dating to the commitment of marriage and all the cherished moments in between, couples' jewellery commemorates your unique love story in the form of a physical treasure.

Yet you might find yourself at a loss on how to choose the right couples’ jewellery for you and your sweetheart – especially if one or both of you aren’t a big fan of jewellery in the first place! However, having a tangible reminder of a significant point in your relationship can be beautiful. And as your life and relationship change over the years, having that piece of jewellery to look back on will feel all the more important.

In this guide, we'll explore the significance of couples' jewellery, discuss occasions where you can consider getting him and her matching sets, and even offer tips on how to choose the perfect pieces. 

The Significance of Couples' Jewellery

Couples' jewellery symbolises the deep connection and love between two individuals. The concept is akin to matching couples’ outfits but on a subtler level – making it suitable for couples in Singapore who want to commemorate their bond on the down low.

Common occasions to buy couples’ jewellery include

  • Anniversaries
  • Engagements and weddings
  • Special milestones (e.g. buying a house together, getting your first pet, or welcoming your first child)
  • Birthdays, holidays, and other special occasions

For couples who have to spend time apart, be it due to long-distance relationships or customs surrounding dating and marriage, it can also be a way to have a piece of your partner with you at all times. 

Couples' jewellery can encompass a wide range of items, including rings, necklaces and pendants, bracelets and bangles, and earrings. These pieces can mirror each other identically, fit together to create a whole, or have a complementary design, underscoring the idea that while you are unique individuals, you are also a harmonious pair.

Choosing the Perfect Couples' Jewellery Sets

Now that you understand the significance of couples' jewellery let's explore some rules that will help you choose the perfect pieces:

Stick to simple.

Opt for clean lines, simple silhouettes, and androgynous designs where possible. These versatile pieces can be styled in a multitude of ways, ensuring that your couples’ jewellery will suit both partners. Take a cue from the LVC Promise collection, which is inspired by the interlocking inseparability of the bolt and nut. Pieces like the LVC Promise Diamond Bracelet and LVC Promise Diamond Earrings carry a more feminine touch, whereas the LVC Promise Signature Diamond Pendant and LVC Promise Eternity Pendant can be styled in more masculine or unisex ways.

Embrace your unique connection.

Consider customised or bespoke couples’ jewellery to reflect your connection. These pieces will not only match or coordinate but also provide a glimpse into key moments in your ever-evolving relationship. As a leading bespoke ring maker in Singapore, Love & Co.’s ring customisation service allows you to craft a piece that echoes the deepest parts of your love story. Craft your bespoke ring online, or visit a Love & Co. boutique near you to find out more from our friendly staff.

Seek out subtle differences.

While couples’ jewellery is often identical, you can also explore subtly varying designs for a coordinated look that still allows individuality to shine through. Think two-toned jewellery, mixed metal rings, or just having similar metals and components across the different pieces. The LVC Eterno Joy Wedding Band in Duo Tones and LVC Eterno Harmony Wedding Band in Rose Gold with Diamonds from the LVC Eterno collection are helpful illustrations of two such non-identical pieces that still complement each other perfectly. Opting for identical designs in different metals can also be useful if one partner has a specific metal allergy or if you have cultural sensitivities regarding wearing metals or accessories. 

Get creative with placements.

Couples' jewellery doesn't have to be limited to traditional pieces, especially if one of you doesn’t wear jewellery often. Think outside the box by matching earrings to cufflinks, necklaces to tie pins, bracelets to watch bands, and so on. This approach allows for creativity and ensures that both partners can enjoy and wear the pieces.

Make a Statement of Your Love with Love & Co.

There’s no doubt that couples' jewellery is a beautiful way to celebrate your love and connection, commemorate a milestone, or serve as a tangible symbol of your love. Whether you’re getting matching promise rings as a pre-engagement commitment or considering a couple’s wedding band upgrade for a special anniversary gift, Love & Co. is here to deliver the perfect pieces to commemorate your journey together.

Explore our full range of jewellery collections for him and her today and discover timeless treasures that capture the eternal essence of your love story.