Matching Designs
Matching Designs

Wedding rings come in different shapes, settings and sizes, and hence might seem daunting to a newcomer when it comes to styling your rings. No fret, here are a few simple tips to get started.


Pairing a Solitaire Engagement Ring

If you are looking to pair your wedding band with your solitaire engagement ring, you should look to have both rings sit harmoniously together. The first step is knowing the different types of engagement ring settings. Depending on the diamond ring setting, you can consider stacking it with the following options:

Choice #1: Pavé Wedding Band                                    

A pavé style is a popular choice to pair with a solitaire engagement ring. This option is great if you  want to achieve maximum sparkle status. Pavé styles are a timeless choice and are generally flattering for most ring types.

Choice #2: Curved Wedding Band

A curved wedding band is the best wedding band for a solitaire engagement ring. This style fits around the engagement ring, framing it and making both rings look seamless together. 

Choice #3: Minimalist Wedding Band

Let the solitaire engagement ring sparkle with the plain wedding band. It is a timeless classic style to consider.


Pairing a Trilogy Engagement Ring

A trilogy engagement ring really stands out, with a timeless design that boasts amazing brilliance and allure. We recommend going for maximal sparkle, and to pair with a wedding band, you may consider finding a curved pavé diamond band. Do also try to match the size and shape of your trilogy engagement ring, so that the overall look is more symmetrical.


Pairing Halo Engagement Rings

Delicate and feminine halo engagement rings make their own unique statement. If you don’t want to distract from the beauty of your engagement ring, opt for a simple wedding band. However, you can add a further touch of glamour by pairing it with a pavé diamond wedding band.

The diamonds in a halo engagement ring often sit slightly higher, so for your rings to fit, choose a thin wedding band. 


Stacking Wedding Rings

Your wedding ring is not necessarily the final ring you get! There are a whole lot more of celebratory occasions ahead, such as your wedding anniversary. Eternity bands make the best option to stack – you may stack a white diamond eternity band with a precious gem eternity band to add that extra stack of lustre and color.


Pairing Rings as a Couple

Sometimes its not about the engagement ring – afterall you might not actually wear it everyday after you two get married! But its all about finding the perfect matching wedding rings with your other half.

In Love & Co. – all our wedding band collections are crafted with that notion. Each female wedding band comes with its male counterpart. Want a recommendation on what to get? Contact our consultant today.