See for Yourself

It’s easy for us to say that there’s no difference between mined and lab-grown diamonds. Therefore, let us put it to the test – and allow you to make the final decision.





Lab Grown vs Natural Diamonds

Above is a picture showing two diamonds – of different origins. If you are able to guess that the ring on the left is a lab grown one, congrats! However, chances are it was all luck and probability and not because you see any actual visual difference. That is because lab grown diamonds and traditional mine diamonds have the same clarity, inclusions, and colour. The only difference is their origin.


How to tell a Lab Grown Diamond from a Natural Mined Diamond

Most gem-quality diamonds of a certain carat weight will have a microscopic laser inscription on their girdle, together with their certification number. With these certificates, you can easily assess the grading of the diamond to determine if it is lab grown or not. 

At present, this is the only way for a consumer to tell if a diamond is of lab grown origin.