Choosing the Ring Setting She Wants

The most important thing to consider is her favourite style. For those looking for a ring that is uniquely yours, tap on our bespoke services to create your dream ring.

To choose a design, consider her lifestyle, personality and style.


Classic Solitaire Rings

A classic solitaire ring brings all the focus on the solitaire diamond. Featuring a center stone on a simple band, it is a timeless style suitable for any lady. The single standing solitaire will truly shine to its fullest potential. 


Pavé Engagement Rings

A pavé engagement ring is encrusted with small diamonds along the band for a stylish, solid diamond surface. The numerous individual diamond solitaire stones appear to blend together to create a stunning brilliant effect. This design is suitable for those who would like to add a touch glamour to their ring.


Trilogy Engagement Rings

Also known as a three-stone engagement ring, or trilogy design – sidestone engagement rings provide a perfect complement to the center piece. They typically consist of a center diamond flanked with two smaller side diamonds. This adds radiance, size, and brilliance to the center diamond, allowing it to be the centre of attention. This design is a perfectly sentimental choice – signifying your past, present, and future together as a couple.


Halo Engagement Rings

A halo engagement ring design features a center diamond surrounded by smaller pavé diamonds. The smaller diamonds give the illusion of size and volume to the center stone, increasing the overall sparkle of the ring. This design has been gaining popularity in recent years, and is definitely a statement piece for any bride-to-be.


Tension Engagement Rings

Tension engagement rings are a modern engagement ring setting which uses compression to keep the center diamond in place. It gives the illusion of the diamond floating in midair, and showcases the diamond’s true brilliance.


Bezel Engagement Rings

The bezel settings are known as flush ring setting. The solitaire diamond is encased seamlessly within the metal body, and protects the solitaire from any accidental damage. That being said, because there is lesser light exposure to the diamond facets, the diamond’s brilliance and sparkle may be slightly muted.