Designing the Ideal Ring Setting for Your Love


When it comes to selecting ring designs that encapsulate your love story, attention to the little details — like the type of ring setting — is important. At Love & Co., we provide a diverse palette of diamond settings for engagement rings to sculpt a piece that resonates with both her style and your devotion.


Classic Solitaire Settings: Timelessly Hers

A classic solitaire ring brings all the focus on the solitaire diamond. Featuring a centre stone on a simple band, it is a timeless setting style suitable for any lady. The single standing solitaire will truly shine to its fullest potential.


Pavé Ring Settings: Continuous Cascades of Sparkle

A pavé engagement ring setting is encrusted with small diamonds along the band, creating a stylish, solid diamond surface. The numerous individual diamond solitaire stones appear to blend together to create a stunning brilliant effect. This design is suitable for those who would like to add a touch of glamour to their ring.


Halo Ring Settings: Amplifying Radiance

A halo engagement ring design features a centre diamond surrounded by smaller pavé diamonds. The smaller diamonds give the illusion of size and volume to the centre stone, increasing the overall sparkle of the ring. This setting has gained popularity over recent years, and is definitely a statement piece for any bride-to-be.


Prong Ring Settings: Elevating Elegance

A hallmark of traditional elegance, prong settings gently cradle the diamond using pointed metal claws, raising it above the band. This elevation allows light to dance through the diamond from all angles, maximising its sparkle. Tailored for those with a penchant for classic charm, this design is always a beloved choice.


Cathedral Ring Settings: Majestic Heights

Drawing inspiration from the arches of cathedrals, this setting elevates the diamond, framing it between elongated arches that seamlessly blend into the ring's band. It not only enhances the diamond's stature but also symbolises the sanctuary of love and commitment.


Channel Ring Settings: Streamlined Brilliance

Channel settings encase smaller diamonds between two continuous tracks of metal, offering a sleek and unbroken silhouette. The diamonds sit flush with the band, providing a streamlined and modern allure. Ideal for those who appreciate a blend of simplicity and elegance, this ring setting offers captivation and refinement.

Frequently Asked Questions about Ring Settings

How do I choose the right ring setting for me?
Your selection of a ring setting is primarily influenced by her style, lifestyle, and personal preference. It's imperative to consider her daily activities, aesthetic inclinations, and any specific desires she may have shared about ring designs to select or create a piece she'll adore.
How does the ring setting impact the diamond's appearance?
Different types of ring settings can play a pivotal role in influencing the diamond's visibility, brilliance, and overall appearance. For instance, a halo setting surrounds the main stone with smaller pavé diamonds, enhancing its perceived size and intensifying its sparkle by reflecting light from various angles. On the other hand, a high setting type, such as the cathedral or prong setting, raises the diamond above the band. This prominence not only showcases the diamond more visibly but also allows for optimal light exposure from all angles, amplifying its brilliance.

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How to decide between a halo and classic solitaire setting?
When deciding between a halo and classic solitaire setting, factor in your partner’s style preferences. The halo setting surrounds the main diamond with smaller pavé diamonds, amplifying its perceived size and sparkle for a more glamorous touch. In contrast, the classic solitaire setting puts the spotlight on a single diamond, radiating timeless elegance. If your partner leans towards a more statement-making style, a halo might be apt, while a solitaire engagement ring is perfect for those seeking understated beauty.
How do I maintain the brilliance of the diamonds in different settings?
Regular cleaning with a soft brush, warm water, and mild soap will help maintain the sparkle of your diamonds, regardless of the setting you’ve chosen for your engagement ring. For professional cleaning and inspection, consider scheduling appointments with us to ensure the longevity and sustained brilliance of your piece.

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What types of ring settings are available at Love & Co.?
Love & Co. showcases a variety of ring settings, including classic solitaire, pavé, halo, prong, cathedral, and channel. Our extensive collection allows you to discover and choose the perfect design that resonates with both your love story and her distinct style. Find the perfect engagement ring for her today.
How can I customise the ring setting and design?
Our bespoke services at Love & Co. allow for meticulous customisation to bring your dream engagement ring to life. From selecting the ideal diamond setting to refining the overall design, our expert jewellers can guide you through each step. For an immersive experience, try our online ring builder. Alternatively, book an appointment for a personalised consultation to find the perfect piece tailored to your desires and needs.