Classic Solitaire Rings

Timeless elegance meets modern luxury in Love & Co.’s selection of solitaire rings. Whether you’re seeking an engagement ring, wedding band, or simply a stunning piece of everyday jewellery, you can count on Love & Co. to craft a symbol of enduring love that transcends time.

A true representation of saying “I love you” without words, this Love & Co. patented diamond cut is crafted to reveal a dazzling heart at the pavilion and table of the diamond.
The infinity symbol decorated with a pave diamond band offers a perfect combination for maximal sparkle, adding a unique touch to its design.
Love & Co.’s signature design, crafted with four heart prongs sitting on a heart setting. The centre stone is elevated to create an extraordinary shine on the finger.
The most classic and timeless engagement setting, allowing more light to enter the diamond, giving it maximum shine.
A pave setting, where the setting is encrusted with a row of diamonds, leading to the centre stone to give the ring that extra sparkle.
Designed with a pair of fancy diamonds on a classic band setting, this is a trending design that has grown in popularity over the years.
An all-time timeless design that stood the test of time, it exudes an effortless style for different occasions and are designed to be worn for a lifetime.
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Explore Classic Solitaire Ring Designs

Embodying the essence of everlasting love and commitment, the classic silhouette of a solitaire is reimagined to suit any wearer’s contemporary style. Love & Co. solitaire rings are more than just jewellery; they are earnest expressions of love and devotion. Each ring is meticulously crafted to showcase the beauty of a single, brilliant diamond, with the simplicity of the setting allowing the gem to take centre stage. 

As diamond specialists, we take pride in featuring exquisite diamonds of only the most exceptional quality with their Triple Excellence Cut. Each diamond is rigorously graded to meet our stringent standards, ensuring you receive a solitaire diamond of unrivalled quality and brilliance. Our LVC Precieux lab-grown diamond collection also allows wearers to commit to sustainable and ethical practices, bearing the beauty of solitaire without the environmental impact.

Browse our range of solitaire ring designs today to find the perfect representation of your devotion and commitment. Book a consultation appointment at any Love & Co. boutique today and enjoy up to $300 off on your purchase.



What is the meaning of a solitaire ring?

A solitaire ring holds deep traditional symbolism, representing purity, commitment, and the unity of two souls. The single diamond in a solitaire setting signifies the singularity of your love and the promise of a lifetime together – making it a suitable design for engagement rings and wedding bands in particular. Explore more classic wedding band designs online to find the perfect symbol of your devotion.

How do I choose the right carat size for a solitaire ring?

Choosing the right carat size for a solitaire ring involves considering personal preferences, budget, and the recipient's style. While larger carat sizes may appear more impressive, it's crucial to strike a balance to ensure the ring complements the wearer's hand. Factors like finger size and shape also play a role. Smaller carat sizes, such as 0.5 to 1 carat, are classic and versatile choices. For a bolder statement, opt for 1.5 carats or more. Ultimately, selecting the perfect carat size should align with your partner's taste and your budget.

Can a solitaire ring be a wedding ring?

Absolutely! A solitaire wedding ring is a beautiful and classic choice that complements any style. As such, many couples choose solitaire rings as their wedding bands due to their timeless appeal and meaningful symbolism. Those who want to add a contemporary edge to their solitaire setting can also explore modern touches like matte finish rings, bold wedding bands, or crossover diamond bands.

Can a solitaire ring be an engagement ring?

Yes, solitaire rings are a popular choice for engagement rings. Their simplicity and focus on the central diamond make them a striking symbol of love and commitment. Individuals who want their solitaire ring to stand out further can consider our Say Love™ Diamond collection, offering simple but unique solitaire engagement rings imbued with passion and devotion.

Should engagement rings be solitaire?

The choice of an engagement ring setting depends on personal preference. While solitaire diamond rings are classic and popular, there are many other beautiful styles to consider, such as halo or two-stoned designs. The most important thing is to choose a ring that resonates with the couple's unique love story.  

Is a solitaire diamond more expensive?

The cost of a solitaire diamond ring can vary depending on factors like the size and quality of the diamond, the choice of metal (e.g. yellow, white, or rose gold) for the setting, and whether it’s for a special purpose such as an engagement ring. While solitaire rings can be more affordable than complex designs, they can also feature high-quality diamonds that command a higher price. If you’d like to get an estimate on how much your preferred solitaire diamond can cost, you can try out our bespoke ring builder.

Is it better to buy a solitaire diamond?

Solitaire diamonds are known for their timeless beauty and simplicity, making them an excellent choice for those who appreciate classic elegance. Whether a solitaire diamond is the right choice for you depends on your personal preferences and the significance you attach to symbolism and design. Furthermore, when buying a solitaire ring, you should still ensure that it meets the 4 C’s of diamonds as a reflection of its high quality. 

Still feeling unsure? Book an appointment with our Love & Co. consultants today to find out more about our solitaire ring designs and costs, so you can find the perfect fit.

Are other diamond cuts available for solitaire?
Yes, in addition to the classic round cut, Love & Co. offers a variety of other diamond cuts for solitaire rings. You can explore cuts like princess, emerald, pear, and more to create a unique and personalised solitaire ring that perfectly reflects your style and preferences. Feel free to use our ring builder tool to design your dream solitaire ring with the diamond cut of your choice.