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Excellent Cut


What is Triple Excellent (3EX)?

A Triple Excellent (3EX) diamond is a round brilliant diamond that is cut to ideal proportions and angles. It also has excellent polish and symmetry ratings. This allows it to reflect almost all the light that enters it and is one of the highest grades of diamonds. It displays the reflected light back in a stunning array of brilliance and fire. 


History of Triple Excellent Cut

In the 1900s, Marcel Tolkowsky mathematically calculated the shape and number of facets that could maximize a diamond’s brilliance and fire. It has 57 facets, each distributed across the diamond in a precise manner. Each facet’s specific location across the diamond allows it to shine to its true potential.

Our selected premium range of Lovemarque Diamonds achieve the grade of Triple Excellent.


Hearts & Arrows

When viewing an 3EX diamond from above, it will reveal 8 symmetrical arrows. Additionally, when viewed from the bottom, it also reveals 8 symmetrical hearts.


Buying a 3EX Diamond

If you’d like to buy an Triple Excellent graded diamond – the diamond’s certification is one of the most important factors. The diamond’s certification would provide information on the diamond solitaire, including its cut grade – the most important factor that determines the diamond’s light performance. 

3EX graded diamonds are exceptionally beautiful, and command a premium price as each diamond is cut to extremely precise proportions.