Metal Types & Finishings

At Love & Co, all our wedding bands are crafted either in platinum or 18K gold. However, regardless of the material chosen, the finishing of your wedding band can also make a  big difference to your ring.




A polished finish has a shiny and reflective surface, and it tends to look the most classy and timeless. For those who prefer an attention-grabbing piece, this is the finish for you. Nonetheless, one drawback is that scratches are easily noticeable upon the reflective and shiny surface.


Soft Brushed

These rings have a non-shiny, soft texture to them with small brush-like marks. This finish is popular amongst men because of the design’s subtlety, as well as the fact that scratch marks will not be easily noticed.



A satin finish combines traits from both the polished and soft brushed designs. It is smooth yet non-reflective as it has a similar textured appearance as a soft brushed finish. It is the preferred choice for couples who are looking for a subtle and refined ring which is smooth to the touch.



This finish is similar to satin, however the brush marks are even less visible. It’s appearance is often described as if looking at a fogged mirror.



Sandblasted rings have a noticeable coarse finish – it is grainy to the touch yet perfect for individuals seeking a textured, unpolished finish. A favoured choice for those who are looking for a unique twist to their wedding rings!

Browse the different metal finishings and choose the best one that matches your personality, style and lifestyle.