Buying an Engagement Ring on a Budget

Buying an engagement ring is an exhilarating process – after all, you are choosing the ring which symbolizes your commitment of eternal love to one another. However, we understand that it can also burn a hole in your wallet, and hence have several tips for you to consider while purchasing an engagement ring!


Two Months Salary - Yay or Nay?

It is likely that while growing up, you have heard of the common saying that you should spend two months worth of your salary on purchasing an engagement ring. Here is a hint: you can forget about the two months’ salary “rule.” 

Choosing an engagement ring shouldn’t be done solely based on it’s monetary value. An engagement ring is more than that – it holds symbolic value and affection for the couple, and it represents their pledge of lifetime companionship. Regardless of the diamond size or design, the most important thing is to be comfortable with the ring that you have picked for her.



Looking to get a Bigger Diamond with your Budget?

You can strategically opt for certain ring settings that make the diamond bigger. Take an example of the Halo setting, which features a center stone surrounded by a halo of smaller pavé stones. Using such a setting, you can increase the ring’s carat size without increasing the price tag as much as you would to get a single diamond of the same total carat weight.


Choose a Lab Created Diamond

Lab grown diamonds have been a new addition to both the diamond industry and our brand. They are rapidly gaining in popularity these days – even amongst celebrities! Though made in the laboratory, lab grown diamonds are authentic diamonds that were grown under controlled conditions above the ground. They typically sell for as much as 50% less than natural mined diamonds, for the exact same (or more) sparkle.


Weigh your 4Cs carefully

While each of the 4Cs (Cut, Clarity, Carat, Colour) is a unique characteristic of a diamond – we strongly suggest you to prioritize certain Cs over others. In terms of visual appearance, the strongest determinant of a diamond solitaire is carat, followed by cut, colour, and clarity. 

For a near colourless diamond, we suggest a diamond solitaire above the I colour range, and clarity from SI grade and above.


Flexible Payment Options

We offer a variety of flexible payment options to make your diamond ring purchase as stress-free as possible. Opt for our 12 months instalment plans, which will help ease the burden of a large single-payment. Feel free to book an appointment with our friendly consultants who will work within your budget to find the perfect rings for you and your loved one.