What is Diamond Clarity?

Diamond clarity refers to the purity and rarity of the stone. When forming, internal characteristics called inclusions may be trapped within the diamond or on its surface. These internal and surface characteristics are inspected by gemologists using 10x magnification to grade the clarity of each diamond. 

As every diamond was formed by withstanding enormous pressure and heat, natural inclusions and blemishes are unavoidable. The fewer the inclusions, the rarer it is.


What Causes Inclusions?

During a diamond’s formation, solids, liquids, or gases are trapped within or on the surface of the diamond. The size, position and visibility of inclusions will then affect the clarity grade. Inclusions start to be noticeable under 10x magnification and may affect the diamond’s transparency and brilliance.


Diamond Clarity Chart

Under 10x magnification, gemologists identify and classify a diamond’s clarity by size, type and position. Inclusions are mapped onto a “diamond plot” which are unique for every diamond. Gemological labs, such as De Beers, GIA, and IGI, grade diamonds on a scale from “Included (I3)” to “Flawless (FL)”.


How Obvious are Inclusions?

Clarity is the least visible factor of the 4Cs. Most inclusions and blemishes can only be seen by a diamond expert with 10x magnification.