Jewellery Care
Caring for Your Jewellery

A piece of jewellery is more than just an accessory, it holds symbolic meanings that can be cherished for generations. Understanding how to protect and care for your jewellery makes a big difference in maintaining its beauty and brilliance.



Being Careful with Light and Heat

Do not leave your jewellery in direct exposure to sunlight and heat, as doing so can cause discolouration and dullness. Ultraviolet light (also known as backlight) may also lead to structural problems with your piece, speeding up the deterioration process. For example, pearls and other delicate materials such as ivory will bleach under extreme exposure to light, while other gems such as amber can darken over time when over-exposed to direct sunlight.


Keep Jewellery Away from Chemicals

Chemical damage can ruin your beautiful jewellery as it causes discoloration in natural materials (such as gold, silver, and platinum). Substances such as hairspray, lotion, perfume or other cosmetics that contain chemicals can permanently damage the surface of your precious jewellery pieces. Fine jewellery should also always be removed before diving into the chlorinated swimming pool.


Safely Storing your Jewellery

The safest way to store your jewellery would be to keep them in a protected and controlled environment, like a dry box. As most jewellery pieces come with a box or pouch when purchased, it would be ideal to store your jewellery in those places. This not only helps to prevent the jewellery from interacting with harsh chemicals, but also prevent it from being exposed to humid environmental conditions that can eventually cause deterioration. 


Never toss your jewellery into a drawer or leave it on the top of a dresser. This can lead to scratched precious metals and damaged gems. Sterling silver, for example, should be kept in an anti-tarnish bag or cloth for proper safe-keeping. Jewellery boxes that contain individual padded slots for rings and posts for hanging necklaces and bracelets are also ideal. 


When travelling, keep your jewellery in separate boxes or cases to prevent scratching or any other kind of impact damage.