White Gold

The brilliance of white gold takes centre stage at Love & Co., where our team of master craftsmen and visionary designers craft pieces that adorn you. Using the finest quality 10K/14K/18K white gold, platinum, and sterling silver, our designs set Love & Co. apart as a symbol of unrivalled jewellery quality in Singapore.
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Love & Co.’s White Gold Collection

At Love & Co., we believe that every piece of jewellery should serve as a companion through life’s most treasured moments.

Explore exquisite white gold rings, from engagement rings and wedding bands to simple everyday rings. Be it a classic solitaire or contemporary matte finish ring, grace your hands with glittering tributes to commitment and devotion. 

Redefine elegance with diamond stud and drop earrings in brilliant white gold, showcasing our precision in attention to detail. Effortlessly elevate any style from casual to formal with a subtle sparkle of sophistication.

Adorn white gold diamond necklaces and pendants designed for both everyday wear and special occasions. Be it adjustable lengths or detachable pendants, our necklaces add a touch of radiance to any outfit.

Embrace the joyful energy of white gold bangles and bracelets. Stylish, comfortable, durable, and versatile, they’re the perfect addition to any everyday jewellery set.

Shop and cart out your desired white gold jewellery pieces online, and enjoy delivery to any residential address in Singapore within five to seven working days, with free delivery for orders worth $100 and above. You can also opt for pick-up at any Love & Co. boutique within the same time period, or add on express delivery for an additional fee.

Frequently Asked Questions About White Gold Jewellery

What is white gold, and why is it a popular choice for jewellery at Love & Co.?
White gold is an alloy of gold and other white metals such as nickel, often plated with rhodium for added shine. It's a popular choice for everyday and special occasion jewellery because it offers the beauty of gold with a silvery finish, making it highly versatile for styling. Love & Co. uses only the highest quality white gold known for its brilliance and purity, allowing us to craft stunning pieces that effortlessly transform any outfit.
Can I customise a white gold ring for a special occasion?
Yes. Love & Co. offers ring sizing and engraving services for our white gold rings, allowing you to customise your jewellery and commemorate an unforgettable moment in time. Book an appointment at any Love & Co. boutique near you today to engage our wide range of services. You can also learn how to measure your ring size to ensure the perfect fit, or explore the benefits of custom versus ready-made engagement rings for special occasions.
What is the purity of the white gold used in Love & Co.'s jewellery?
We use various purities of white gold in our jewellery, including 10K, 14K, and 18K white gold. This allows us to craft a range of styles and designs to suit the wearer’s lifestyle needs and habits, without compromising on brilliance and shine. 18K white gold is our most commonly used material, and is renowned for its brighter shine while still maintaining durability for everyday wear.
How does Love & Co. ensure the quality of its white gold jewellery?
Love & Co. maintains stringent quality control measures throughout the crafting process to ensure we produce only the highest quality of white gold jewellery. For our white gold engagement rings and wedding bands, we use only 18K white gold for added purity and to ensure an unmistakably stunning glow. Our commitment to excellence guarantees that each piece meets our exacting standards, be it through detailed quality checks or transparent sourcing.
What is the price range for Love & Co.'s white gold engagement rings?
Love & Co. white gold engagement rings come in a range of prices to suit different budgets. The cost of a ring depends on factors such as design complexity and the quality of the materials used. We offer options that cater to a wide range of preferences and price points, from affordable wedding bands under $1000 for couples planning an inexpensive wedding, to luxury wedding rings over $2500 for those who wish to splurge on their wedding day.