LVC Destiny setting

LVC Destiny is an iconic design specially crafted by Love & Co. The infinity symbol decorated with a pave diamond band offers a perfect combination for maximal sparkle, adding a unique touch to its design.This stunning engagement ring is a one-of-a-kind masterpiece symbolising the everlasting love between a couple.

LVC Love Journey

LVC Love Journey is a signature design at Love & Co., where one’s unique love story is narrated through this ring. Specially designed with four hearts, the centre stone is elevated to create an extraordinary shine on the finger. The beautiful channel setting secured with a row of diamonds is a perfect choice for one that desires an extra sparkle.

Prong Setting

Prong setting is the most classic and timeless engagement setting that holds the centre diamond securely while elevating it, making it look outstanding. With no blockage of the diamond, more light can enter the diamond from all angles, resulting in the diamond to sparkle with maximum brilliance and fire. With its simplicity, the prong setting is versatile, complementing diamond shapes and sizes.

Halo Setting

Halo setting is designed to accentuate the beauty of the centre stone with a dazzling pave of diamonds encircling it, enlarging the visual impact of the diamond. A stunning head-turner ring from afar.

Pavé Setting

Pavé, pronounced “pa-vay” in French, is where the setting is encrusted with a row of diamonds, leading to the centre stone. The continuous sparkle emitted from each side of the diamonds on the engagement ring amplifies the overall brilliance. It is a popular and timeless choice for those who love that extra little sparkle.

Cathedral Setting

A cathedral setting features two graceful arches, holding the centre stone securely in place. Resembling a cathedral building, this ring design is a high-profile setting which gives the diamond an extra height, making it appear larger and more prominent on the finger.

This setting easily complements different diamond shapes, and its special detailing at the sides of the band, gives the engagement ring a unique touch.

Channel Setting

Set with two parallel rows of diamonds within the band, the channel setting is prized for its illuminating light and never-ending sparkle. Intricate craftsmanship is one of the prerequisites to this beautiful setting. Its inimitable style is desired by many as the engagement ring choice.

The Classic Band

An all-time timeless design that stood the test of time. Discover the classic straight band paired with your preferred diamond setting for your everyday sparkle. These classic engagement ring styles exude effortless style for different occasions and are designed to be worn for a lifetime.

The Tapered Band

A tapered band style that narrows the width towards the mount, accentuates the beauty of the centre stone, making it look larger on the finger. This versatile band design which tapers inwards going from thick to thin makes an elegant standalone piece and can be easily paired with different types of wedding bands.

The Twirl Band

A subtle twirl that offers a fusion between vintage charm and contemporary vibes. The twirl band design creates a motion that directs the attention to the centre stone, accentuating the look of the diamond to shine brilliantly on the finger. The sculptured silhouette gives a spiral-like appearance and with the focus on the centre diamond, this is the engagement ring that speaks unforgettable moments.

The Double Band

A modern and bold style that perfectly showcases any stone shape. The double band features a rounded polished band that has a subtle centre line engraving, creating the look of two bands that are combined. The detailing around the groove of the band makes it a modern and sleek engagement ring.

The Twisted Band

A symbol of two entwining lives, the twisted band is suited for the hopeless romantic. This band design gives an infinity symbol-like-twist, offering an exceptional yet unique look for her solitaire ring. Consider this style if the preference is for a non-traditional design.


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Grown in a lab environment

Formed in the earth's crust


Same chemical composition, physical structure and optical properties as mined diamonds

Same chemical composition, physical structure and optical properties as lab diamonds


Cost 40% lesser compared to mined counterparts

Costlier due to limited natural resources and middleman markups


No mining, no emissions to the environment

Incur higher water usage, mineral waste and carboon footprint compared to lab diamonds


Guaranteed conflict free and ethical

Responsibly sourced by Love & Co.


Diamond Shapes


Diamond Shapes

The safest, most classic option. This timeless shape delivers maximum brilliance with its clean and symmetrical style. Although carrying a higher cost per carat over the other shapes, experts have stated that the round cut offers wearers the most fire and brilliance. svg * { stroke: #6C6C6C !important; } svg * { stroke: !important; } { color: ; transition: color .3s ease; }SHOP ROUND CUT
The oval cut diamond ring accentuates slender fingers with an elongated illusion while retaining the simplicity and elegance of a round cut diamond. Besides offering a retro take on the timeless round diamond, an oval diamond provides visual interest with its vintage look. svg * { stroke: #6C6C6C !important; } svg * { stroke: !important; } { color: ; transition: color .3s ease; }Shop Oval Cut
This diamond shape is the second most popular diamond shape after a round cut diamond. Its square shape is a more trendy and lively counterpart to the round diamond, and the pointed edges help maximise the brilliance of the diamond. svg * { stroke: #6C6C6C !important; } svg * { stroke: !important; } { color: ; transition: color .3s ease; }Shop Princess Cut
The tapered end of a pear cut diamond is a fun and graceful twist on the classic round diamond. With uniquely unbalanced portions, this cut offers a chic look, whether she’s in a gorgeous evening gown or a lovely Sunday dress. svg * { stroke: #6C6C6C !important; } svg * { stroke: !important; } { color: ; transition: color .3s ease; }Shop Pear Cut
As a bold choice, the emerald cut has rectangular facets that create a step-cut pavilion – resulting in a highly clear appearance. The elongated style of this shape highlights the shine and sophistication of the diamond. Its lean lines often emphasise the clarity of the diamond. svg * { stroke: #6C6C6C !important; } svg * { stroke: !important; } { color: ; transition: color .3s ease; }Shop Emerald Cut


No two diamonds are identical. Each diamond is assessed and graded on its 4Cs – cut, colour, clarity and carat…


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