PUBLISHED: August 24, 2023

Oh, the thrill of travel! New places, new adventures, and... the dilemma of how to pack those sparkling trinkets safely? Yes, we're talking about keeping your prized jewellery safe through all the airport transfers, hotel check-ins, and public transport rides you have lined up next. 


Whether it's a sentimental bracelet you always have on  or a simple chain necklace that accentuates your every outfit, these pieces deserve the best care, even on the go. Worry not, as we've got some pack hacks that'll have your baubles arriving in style.


Picking the right Jewellery for your Travels

When travelling, you’ll want to intentionally pack jewellery pieces that are versatile, easy to store, and stylish. Whether you prefer something simple and minimal or with an added shine, Love & Co.’s varied collections have all you need to elevate your holiday ensembles.

Embrace versatility with stackable jewellery like the LVC 9TwentyFive Twist Cosmo Hoop Ear Cuff, LVC 9TwentyFive Signum Round Ring or LVC Mod Elia Double Chain Bracelet. Simple yet stunning, wear them on their own for a subtle accent to your outfit or layer them with statement pieces for an extra allure.

Go simple with jewellery essentials designed with simplicity and everyday wearability in mind. From pendant necklaces like the LVC Charmes Hold My Heart Mini Ring Diamond Pendant to bracelets and bangles like the LVC Charmes Circlet Diamond Bracelet – you’ll have all you need to take your holiday OOTDs to the next level.


Jewellery Packing Tips for the Stylish Traveller


1. Use a jewellery box

A dedicated jewellery box offers compartments to separate and safeguard your treasures, and some options even come with velvet-lined interiors to protect from shakes and bumps. Your pieces won't tangle or scratch against each other, making this option an ideal choice if you simply can’t cut down on the number of pieces you want to bring along. However, these boxes can be a tad bulky if you’re travelling light.


2. Store small items and studs in a pill box

If you don’t have a dedicated jewellery box for travel and don’t want to spend money on one, there are still plenty of other ways to transport your precious pieces safely. For example, diamond studs and other tiny treasures can find their home in a pill box. It's compact, has individual compartments, and keeps things organised. But make sure the clasps are secure, or wrap the entire pill box in a layer of cling wrap or a towel for some added protection. You wouldn't want to lose those precious earrings mid-trip and risk never being able to see them again.


3. For a lighter option, try a folding jewellery roll or organiser case

Yet another alternative to the jewellery box is a folding jewellery roll or organiser case. These rolls or organisers are lightweight yet protective, and their foldable structure gives you more flexibility when arranging your items in your luggage or backpack. The downside? They might not offer the sturdiness of a solid box. Many rolls or cases also have a limited number of slots or pockets, so you’ll have to pack only what you absolutely need.


A DIY alternative is to wrap your jewellery in a small towel if you don’t want to buy a dedicated roll or case. Keep the towel closed using rubber bands, or squeeze it snugly into a small ziplock bag to minimise movement during transit.


4. Use a straw to keep necklaces from getting tangled

Now that we’ve covered ways to transport your jewellery, it’s time to get into keeping the individual pieces as safe and pristine as possible.


A common pack hack for necklaces is to store them in straws. This trick is as simple as sliding one end of your necklace through a straw and clasping it shut. It’s perfect for travel jewellery as it keeps necklaces straight and tangle-free. However, necklaces with pendants may not be able to fit through the straw’s opening, so this tip is best suited for chain-only necklaces. Remember to opt for a reusable straw for sustainability.


5. Use soft foam or backing to protect earring studs and delicate objects

Earring studs or diamond rings can be delicate, and you don’t want to open your luggage only to find your stud posts or other tiny details bent or broken. Pushing earring studs into soft foam or a piece of card can prevent them from moving around too much or hitting each other. This goes the same for cushioning more precious pieces like a diamond ring. 


It's an effective way to keep those delicate pieces safe, while also ensuring they stay together without the risk of getting lost. Some travellers may even use bubble wrap for an extra layer of protection to insulate against bumps and shocks.


6. Don't forget to pack some simple jewellery cleaning products

Your jewellery represents a part of your one-of-a-kind style and unique personality, and they absolutely deserve to shine at any destination. Carrying a small cleaning cloth or a gentle cleaner can help maintain that sparkle, especially if your itinerary includes any outside time that could dirty or damage your pieces. However, ensure the cleaning products are travel-friendly or check them into your luggage to avoid getting them confiscated by airport security.


In addition to cleaning supplies, a jewellery spray will instantly restore their sparkle and shine – perfect for a special night out during your trip! Love & Co.’s 50ml jewellery spray is the perfect travel-friendly addition to any carry-on or checked luggage, and is easy to use to boot. Simply visit any Love & Co. store near you to purchase the spray for $40, or for $20 if you’re an existing Love & Co. customer.


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Travel the World in Style with Love & Co.

Travel is about embracing the freedom to see the world and make memories, and these packing tips will help you get the most out of your adventures. Be it celebrating your first wedding anniversary or enjoying a weekend getaway with friends, Love & Co. jewellery collections are there to help make your next trip truly unforgettable.