PUBLISHED: July 29, 2022

You know you are looking for a diamond ring, but who knew there would be a hundred over styles for you to choose from! For most men, stepping into a jewellery store in Singapore to purchase an engagement ring will be a brand-new experience. So, how do you even begin?

Unfortunately, this is not something schools can teach you, so you have to do a little schooling for yourself. Not to worry, though, for our jewellers also have some handy tips to help you make this monumental purchase with more clarity and confidence! Below, we highlight six helpful tips for buying the engagement ring of a lifetime.

1. Know your stuff

Cut, clarity, colour, carat – these are all terms to get familiar with before you hit the stores. Understanding the different options of diamonds and rings available will help you make a more informed choice. Moreover, it will make communicating your preferences to the jeweller so much smoother!

Know your stuff

For example, instead of a round diamond, you may want to consider less-mainstream diamond shapes such as the princess cut (‘square’ shape), emerald cut (‘rectangle’ shape), or pear cut (or teardrop cut) gems. These styles will be great conversation starters and be an ideal complement to simpler, classic wedding band styles later on.

Other terms worth knowing are the parts of a ring - for instance, setting, prongs, and band - and the type of materials they come in, like gold, white gold, platinum, and titanium. Show that you know what you are talking about and how serious you are about getting the perfect engagement ring for her, and your jeweller will be properly impressed!

2. Do not guess her size

Just like Cinderella has her perfectly-sized glass slippers, so should your beloved queen! Of course, we are talking about her ring size, as you would not want to get her a ring that does not fit her well.

Do not guess her size

Print-out ring sizers or even just a piece of string is all you need to find out her ring size. Simply wrap it around her finger where the ring would go, and then note down the diameter in millimetres – easy peasy! If you are still confused about how it works, perhaps a cheat guide to ring sizes and size charts might help.

Understandably, things may be a little more challenging if you are planning a surprise proposal. In that case, you can attempt to measure her size while she is asleep, or if she already owns any rings, try taking the measurements of one of her rings instead of her finger. Alternatively, you can always count on her best friend to bring her on a casual ring shopping ‘for the fun of it’.

3. Understand her style

Which is more like her – subtle or loud? Simple or intricate? Cute or classy? These are fantastic starting points to consider when deciding which style of diamond ring to choose.

If you have absolutely no idea, it’s time to peel open your eyes and be more observant about her preferences, especially when it comes to her sense of fashion and aesthetics. Better still, browse through a jewellery catalogue together or window-shop outside the best jewellery shops and listen to her comments on the designs there. After all, the ring will be hers forever, so you want to get it as close as possible to what she truly likes!

Understand her style - LVC Precieux love journey carita diamond ring

For princess-like girls who would love to wear a classic-vibe solitaire ring, the ones from the LVC Love Journey collection would be great to consider. Having a dreamy quality to top off your fairytale proposal, these love rings with diamonds come in traditional silhouettes and with a stunning centre diamond. As an added romantic twist, the side of the ring setting is crafted into a heart shape!

Understand her style - LVC Precieux promise slim diamond ring in 6 prongs

Know that your sweetheart prefers a more modern and unique design? What about something like the rings from the LVC Promise Collection? A little bit of industrial flair makes these rings a little more edgy and urban, yet they are crafted to still be elegant for the ladies. The grooves on the bolt represent love, devotion, commitment, bond, and happiness, making this a meaningful and stylish choice.

4. Add a personal touch

If there is anything you can do to make your engagement ring better, that is to add a personal touch to it! Even if it is not a hundred per cent her style, she is sure to appreciate any details that make the ring more meaningful and personal.

A timeless and subtle way to make the ring unique is by adding an engraving to the inner band – this could be anything, such as the date of your first date, your initials, or a sweet message to her.

Add a personal touch

Want to take things up a notch? With Love & Co.’s bespoke diamond ring service, you could even customise the whole ring from scratch and add meaningful symbolisms to the ring design itself to make it truly unique.

5. Work within your budget

Gone are the days when people would say you have to set aside three months’ worth of salary for the engagement ring. These days, you do you!

Of course, whether you are buying a ring or diamond bracelet, expect prices to be steeper if you are choosing anything with a high-quality diamond with decent carat size. An alternative that can help you stay within budget is by opting for lab-grown diamonds, which can also be top-quality but go for cheaper.

Work within your budget - Lovemarque destiny esme diamond ring

For example, let’s say you have set your eyes on the LVC Destiny Collection for its intricate ring designs. And you know your significant other will love that infinity symbol detail on the ring setting! The same design can go for S$4,000 to S$16,000 for a top-quality mined diamond or S$2000 to S$7000 if you choose to go lab-grown. Which is your pick?

With a budget in place, you can adjust your priorities and choose the right ring within your means. Ultimately, let’s not forget: you still have a wedding, honeymoon, and future home to save up for!

6. Shortlist jewellery boutiques

Shortlist jewellery boutiques

Now that you have a rough idea of what type of ring you are looking for, it’s time to shortlist some jewellery boutiques to visit!

Some things you may like to consider are the range of styles they offer, materials and sources they use, and affordability. If you are choosing to buy internationally, ensure that they ship to you – if not, you may prefer to visit a physical store to have a look at the rings in person before making your purchase.

Another aspect that may be important to you is the after-sales service provided by the retailer. If you like, choose jewellers that offer complimentary resizing and maintenance for the ring even after the purchase.


This information overload may be overwhelming, but when you see her delighted smile on your proposal day, you will have no regrets! This also means you should give yourself enough time to do ample research to get the perfect ring before your planned proposal date.

Like any designs from Love and Co.? Book your appointment to visit us today! Our jewellers will be happy to share with you more about each ring’s story and features when you come down to our stores. Speaking of engagement rings, you can also check out our wedding band sets in advance for peace of mind in the future.