PUBLISHED: August 01, 2023
The search for the best engagement ring takes couples on an exciting journey of exploration. One big decision you'll face is whether to opt for a custom or ready-made ring. Both types of rings, be it a bespoke engagement ring or proposal ring straight off the shelf, have their own charm and benefits. Let's delve into these and see which might be the best fit for your unique love story.


Custom Engagement Rings: A Creation that’s Uniquely Yours

The beauty of a custom (or bespoke) ring lies in its individuality. It's a perfect pick for those seeking unique engagement rings crafted specifically to suit their style, preferences, and the narrative of their relationship. Those who want to pair their engagement ring to a specific design of wedding band may also consider going bespoke, although many jewellers (including Love & Co.) offer matching engagement and wedding ring designs as well.


Love & Co.'s custom engagement rings in Singapore offer a diverse range of styles and settings that can be personalised to tell your unique love story. Our process allows you to handpick the diamond cut and setting, as well as band material and design. The resulting ring showcases your personality, encapsulated in a priceless heirloom tailored to your exact specifications.


This level of personalisation makes your ring an exclusive symbol of your love, and couples can even choose to customise the ring together to make the proposal journey more intimate. However, it's worth noting that the creation process can take more time, so it's not ideal for those on a tight schedule or seeking a simple engagement ring.


Ready-Made Engagement Rings: A Showcase of Excellence

If you want to get your engagement ring immediately and don’t have any specific design customisations in mind, then a ready-made ring is perfect for you. Off-the-shelf engagement rings are ideal for couples who want to witness the mastery of experienced jewellers showcased in a piece that's already immaculately crafted. Selecting a ring from your preferred collection also makes it easier to build a matching jewellery set later on.


Love & Co.'s LVC Precieux collection, from the elegantly simple LVC Precieux Classic Solitaire Diamond Ring to the intricately designed LVC Precieux Armor Heart Diamond Ring, offers a spectacular array of ready-made engagement rings. Each ring, meticulously crafted by diamond specialists, bears the promise of unrivalled quality.


Furthermore, the LVC Precieux collection uses lab-grown diamonds that shine with breathtaking magnificence, adding a unique touch to this already-unforgettable milestone. As the first jeweller in Southeast Asia to bring in lab-grown diamonds, Love & Co. stands apart as a committed advocate for sustainable jewellery that still fits our clients’ needs. These sustainable diamonds no doubt offer a beautiful and eco-friendly alternative for couples who are conscious about their environmental impact.


Bespoke or Ready-Made Engagement Rings: Which to Choose?

Ultimately, whether a custom or ready-made ring is better depends on your specific needs and situation. After all, the process of selecting an engagement ring – whether simple or extravagant, traditional or contemporary – is still deeply personal. 


A bespoke ring is perfect for those who have a clear vision of their dream ring and wish to imbue their own personal touch into every detail. On the other hand, ready-made rings are ideal for couples who appreciate the convenience and speed of selecting a beautiful piece on the spot, especially for those who might be planning a surprise proposal. If you have to forgo a bespoke ring but still want to experience that luxurious customisation process, also consider getting a custom ring as a first wedding anniversary idea.


Both types of rings presented here at Love & Co. encapsulate our commitment to exceptional craftsmanship, distinctive designs, and sustainable practices. With our ring in hand, you can imbue a timeless beauty and endless consideration that carries on into your marriage and more. Our bespoke and ready-made rings are both available for purchase online, or you can visit any Love & Co. jewellery store near you for advice and recommendations from our friendly boutique staff.


In the end, remember that the journey of finding the perfect engagement ring is just as beautiful as the ring itself. Whether it's a custom or ready-made ring, the most important thing is that it symbolises your unique, everlasting love.