PUBLISHED: August 20, 2021

As the ring that follows after the jaw-dropping engagement ring, many couples tend to overlook their wedding band selection, as they busy themselves with checking off their lengthy wedding planning list. Because of that, some couples leave the search to the last month before the wedding day. However, giving your wedding ring hunt more time and thought is actually very much worthwhile! After all, more than completing your aesthetic ring stack, these meaningful bands are a steadfast symbol of the eternal love between you and your partner.

Here at Love & Co., we also understand that men’s wedding bands can be a tad tricky. While a gorgeous rose gold ring with gemstones beautifully arranged in a pave setting can melt the hearts of many women, it might not be what some men like to carry. As such, to help kick-start your hunt for his wedding band, check out our favourite choices for men’s bands, and top tips for finding the one he will love to wear for a lifetime!

 Considerations in perfecting his ring choice

Engagement Ring, Solitaire Engagement Ring

1. Know his favourite ring profile

Engagement Ring, Solitaire Engagement Ring


While getting the correct ring size is crucial, figuring out his favourite ring profile is another factor in finding his one, true wedding band. In fact, nailing the ring profile is just as important as understanding his ring size. More than that perfect fit, the right ring profile ensures maximum comfort for the wearer. Here’s a closer look at the four most common ring profiles for him.

Classic court rings

A traditional choice for many couples, this profile carries both a rounded interior and exterior, which results in an almost-rounded ring – offering utmost comfort across all the various ring profiles.

D-shaped rings

Although this profile is looks similar to the classic court one, only the exterior of the D-shaped ring is rounded. This way, the flat interior provides a slimmer look to the ring, while the rounded exterior offers the classic court outlook. What’s more, if your significant other leads an active lifestyle, this streamlined ring profile would be just perfect for him.

Flat rings

As the name suggests, this profile’s interior and exterior surfaces are both flat, allowing the surface of the whole wedding band to fit most comfortably on the fingers. That being said, this profile is probably not for partners who work with their hands or lead active lifestyles – you wouldn’t want their stunning flat rings to catch onto machinery or their clothing.

Flat court rings

Still can’t decide between court or flat profiles? Then this last one might be just right for him with a mix of both styles! This profile flaunts a classic look from the flat exterior, which is matched with a highly comfortable rounded interior; truly a sleek design that can be carried easily.

2. Select a width that sits well with him

Engagement Ring, Solitaire Engagement Ring

Aside from ring profiles, this next tip is best tackled with another set of recommendations. While the average ring width many couples go for is between 6-8mm, you don’t have to do the same. Especially for wedding bands that he’ll adore for a lifetime, it’s best to bear the following in mind when perfecting the ring selection.

Thick wedding bands (7mm or greater)

While thicker wedding bands are typically more expensive with a larger amount of precious metal, this can be a highly practical choice for him. Usually, males that opt for this either have larger hands, ring sizes over 9, broader body types, or simply prefer a more distinctive band on the hand! One key tip: it’s best to try on the band before confirming your purchase because wider bands tend to be tighter on the fingers.

Narrow wedding bands (2-6mm)

Besides being more affordable, narrow wedding bands are an excellent choice for men who aren’t used to wearing rings. And if your partner has smaller hands, more slender fingers, or a ring size under 9, these less bulky bands are sure to sit more comfortably on their hands.

Our top favourites to kick-start your hunt

Now that you’ve figured out the perfect ring profile and width for your beloved, the next question is: what design can fit the various ring widths and profiles? Fret not, we’ve got you covered with a compilation of our top favourites, all for you to draw inspiration from.

1. Classic wedding bands (without gemstones)

If your partner prefers a more traditional outlook, classic wedding bands are the way to go! Whether he prefers white gold, platinum, yellow gold, or even rose gold, here at Love & Co. we offer a range of classic bands in your choice of metal. This time-honoured band choice might not carry diamonds or other gemstones, but exudes brilliance in the metal selection.

Classic band with a twist: LVC Eterno Wedding Band in White Gold with an Inner Diamond

Engagement Ring, Solitaire Engagement Ring

Even though it’s uncommon for men to wear diamonds, we understand that some would like to own a diamond – even if they don’t want to showcase it! Sitting in 18K White Gold, the making of this LVC Eterno Wedding Band has been curated with intention: subtle incorporation of a small diamond on the interior surface. Specially crafted to fulfil a men’s wish for a diamond, this ring is sure to switch things up from the conventional, classic wedding bands.

Classic band with an added matte finish: LVC Desirio Cross Wedding Band in White Gold with Matte Finish

Engagement Ring, Solitaire Engagement Ring

Another brilliant wedding band set in white gold, the LVC Desirio Cross Wedding Band exudes sophistication with the added matte finish. Reflecting radiance and elegance, this wedding band manages to balance between a creative cross design while maintaining its lightweight for easy wearing.

2. Precious platinum wedding bands

Apart from trendy metal types such as yellow gold or rose gold, did you know that platinum has similarly been a much sought after choice? It stands as a time-endured precious metal in the market. But, here at Love & Co., we ensure that your platinum band goes beyond the usual, classic designs.

While engraving intricate designs on platinum has proven to be challenging, yet, our skilled Love & Co. team ensures we offer the highest craftsmanship by utilising cutting-edge Research & Development (R&D). There’s no need to settle for a gorgeous design without platinum finishing; let us turn your envisioned platinum wedding ring into a reality!

Thoughtful platinum rings: LVC Purete Classic Wedding Band with Layered Matte Finish

Engagement Ring, Solitaire Engagement Ring

Drawing inspiration from the unwavering strength marriage offers, this spectacular platinum band embodies a promise of a lifetime. As a product of intricate ring craftmanship, the LVC Purete Classic Wedding Band adds sophistication to his everyday style.

Migrain band designs: LVC Purete Wedding Band in Platinum with Milgrain Design

Engagement Ring, Solitaire Engagement Ring

Reel in the beauty of the migraine band design here at Love & Co. with the remarkable LVC Purete Wedding Band in Platinum with Milgrain Design. With a subtle raised border located just along the ring’s top surface, this ring takes the timeless milgrain design to the next level.

3. Elegant dual tones for men

While gemstones can be too bling for him, did you know that men actually feel more comfortable experimenting with metals over stones? For that, consider roping in two different metal tones to accentuate the overall look for his wedding band. Dual tone bands are ideal for a man with a keen sense of style, but prefer not to carry a conventional ring or one with a gem. Let your man get the best of both worlds with this refined choice.

Brilliant blend of white and rose gold: LVC Eterno Joy Wedding Band in Duo Tones

Engagement Ring, Solitaire Engagement Ring

If your beloved finds himself torn between different metal types, then he doesn’t need to choose between the two! Let the LVC Eterno Joy Wedding Band in Duo Tones fulfil his desire for white gold and rose gold, beautifully weaved together through this classic band with a modern twist. With such a bold design (including a diamond carefully placed in the interior), this statement ring elevates the classic wedding band to speak volumes of your everlasting love.

Triple tones for an extraordinary outlook: LVC Soleil Aurora Wedding Band in Three Gold Tones with Satin Finish

Engagement Ring, Solitaire Engagement Ring

This triple tone ring is sure to stand out by exhibiting a seamless mixture of yellow gold, rose gold and white gold. More than an aesthetic masterpiece, this leading design also symbolises the brilliant rays of the sun (with soleil meaning ‘sun’ in French) – a reflection of a bright and promising future with your forever person.

4. For a comfort fit that sits on his finger snugly

Last but definitely not the least is ensuring that your man gets the comfort fit he deserves! You’d want to ensure that your symbol of eternal love is carried effortlessly by your partner, so don’t forget to reel in this tip.

But what exactly is a comfort fit? A comfort fit, more prevalent among men than women’s rings, is a ring with an added piece of gold on the interior surface, to create a dome and make the ring easier to slide over larger knuckles. This offers an added level of comfort, especially for men who wear their wedding bands daily. While a standard fit without the extra metal is not necessarily uncomfortable, if you prefer to that added comfort, let our experienced Love & Co. team incorporate it flawlessly with our highly precise CNC machines.

Love & Co.’s signature LVC Promise wedding bands

LVC Promise Pure Wedding Band in White Gold

Engagement Ring, Solitaire Engagement Ring

Here at Love & Co., with our designs created for love and with love, we have also curated a signature LVC Promise collection of comfort fit rings that embody the beauty and bliss of marriage. Even for the men’s version of the LVC Promise wedding band, we’ve been inspired by the perfect integration of the nut and bolt, reflective of the one true union between two individuals.

Our signature LVC Promise collection has been created with CNC (Computer Numerical Control) Technology, allowing extreme precision in all of the wedding band designs in the collection. Made with utmost care, the seamless setting of these bands is sure to offer a highly comfortable fit, completed after 21 rounds of thorough polishing.

Let the five engraved grooves – each representing love, commitment, happiness, bond and devotion – made with absolute accuracy through CNC technology be a daily reminder that what you share with your significant other is irreplaceable.  Set in 18K white gold and boasting a thick width to make a statement, this band is for those who enjoy a bolder appearance to their wedding stack!


Here at Love & Co., we journey with and offer you the most thoughtful pieces to accompany each and every romantic milestone. Passionate about curating wedding bands perfect for both him and her, you can bask in our extensive wedding jewellery collection. If you need a little more help in streamlining your ring hunt or looking for customised bespoke wedding bands, then book an in-store appointment with us today! We’re sure to find you a wedding band pair that encapsulates the bond between you and your forever person.